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It will be a scorcher tomorrow. I talked with a friend who does HVAC.  He is going to be up earl;y tomorrow and doesn't expect to get home until dark. Most everyone waits until they need their air conditioning before they have it checked out. I*f you have not had your system checked out...I would...
Those of you waiting for something to do with the small kids just need to look to local farms and zoos. This baby goat is just 2 days old and loves anyone that comes close to her. Kids love the babies and makes for a great learning experience. Check you home area for areas that have babies on dis...
Just the other night, I awoke to a noise in the house. I quietly walked through and found this guy had brokeen in and was looking for money. What I great idea I thought, so I turned on the lights  and helped him!   It was a long weekend and a bit punchy so I thought this was funny. Have a great e...
I am always amazed at people who throw caution to the wind.  I don't mean spending and extra 10 bucks on the lottery. I am talking about life in general.  People who don't stop and think about the consequences of thier actions and how they will be viewed by others for a LONG time. One stupid act,...
It is hard to figure out. The phone can be quiet for hours at a time. Then the phone rings and before you can finish the call, you are getting beeped in by another call and maybe even a 3rd one. This is not a new happening.   We have all had a property on the market for months only to have 2, 3, ...
Here in Minnesota, we are breaking into the summer storm season. Thunderstorms with high winds, large hail just to mention a couple of things.  I won't even get into the Tornado's. Being prepared for these storms is no different really than preparing for a winter storm.  Power can go out and be o...
A couple of years ago, my windchill wiper moter stopped right in the middle of a storm. Doing 60 miles an hour on a busy freeway was bad enough but not being able to see the side of the road was down right scarry. It was a late sunday afternoon and not a mechanic to be found.  I needed to be some...
Cold water will be the biggest danger for the fishing opener. I have never been one to wear a life jacket.  I hate the bulkiness of them. This year, I am upgrading my life vest.   It is a very narrow strip on both sides of my chest. Doesn't look like it would keep me afloat, but, this vest inflat...
With the late spring finally here, it is time to get the 'Home' work caught up. My wife and I were sorta running around doing things but not really making any headway. Finally we stopped. We made a list and ranked it as to the importance. Now, we are still working as hard but we are seeing the re...
Yes , the weather has been a bit cool, but some thing still need to be put in the ground. Most root plants like the cool weather to start with.   Radishes are a great one for the coolness along with peas. If you wait until the weather is nice, some of the plants will not do well. Somethings need ...

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