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Everyone or thing has it's own idea of what home is and what their castle will be like. Some of settle for a lot less and some of us want less because of certain costs involved. Not often a lake shore property is up for the taking. This is the perfect place for the ones not worried about keeping ...
I was up early and in the Eastern sky...Fire! And as the morning grew, so did the fire.  I was sure that the Apocolyps was upon us and the end of the world was coming soon...very soon. But, as the day went on the sky stayed bright and people seamed oblivious to any possible bad news.   It was lik...
I was looking at my profile the other day and found that I was listed in Minnesota. But, that can't be right.  Minnesota at this time of the year is warm sunny and has the mosquito's carrying you off to parts unknown. But I must be in Seattle or somewhere close to it for is has rained or been mis...
I had a client last week that said I was not doing all I could to help him find a home. I had sent 15 possible ones within 7 days.   All were within parameters of what he wanted. He would respond that each one was not what he wanted, and give me new information.  Finally I sat down with him again...
Always a but. Did you know that electrical outlets come in different sizes.  What I mean if you have a15 amp outlet, it isn't safe to put a 20 amp one in it's place. What do you do if you find that the outlet you are replacing does not have a ground wire? What concern should you have if the wires...
A client decided to get rid of an old tree.  It was dying and he didn't want it to be an issue for a buyer. As I talked with him I asked what the guy was charging to take it down.  (No Cleanup)  $1250!  I almost fell over.  It was not by the house and it was leaning away from every building.   I ...
Yes, the State Bird is out in full force. Yes, it is the mosquito! Shown here biting me this baby will grow a ton.  At full maturity he will reach 6-7 inches long and have a stinger as thick as a number 2 pencil! The biggest issue is the West Nile virus and a few other illnesses that they do carr...
For those who use worms to fish with, especially night crawlers, here is an easy trick. Worms you need to dig and you may not have a place to do so.  Buying worms and night crawlers can be spendy. So this is what I do...it is sorta the lazy man's way but it works. When it rains, I go to a small p...
It was the grand daughters Birthday today.  Like good Grand Parents, we made the 3 and 1/2 hour trip, one way, today and made it back home also. We had a great time but the cake was unusual.  It did take some time to make from scratch... I am not sure how she made all the colors in the cake, but ...
Now that spring has finally arrived, I am taking it all in for winter could be here soon. I have not had much time to play with my camera, but here are a couple of photo's of a bleeding heart in my yard. It had just rained and small drops were still on the blossoms.

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