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I met the other day with an elderly couple. We talked about old times none of which I was involved in. We talked about their options and how they had cleared the land ect.ect.ect! Finally I asked...WEll, just how old are you? The elderly man said, "I am 80 and she is 82". I replied...So you marri...
Technology just has never been my favorite thing.  Yes, there are some good things, but it seams we have lost that special something between people.   For Example:   A middle aged couple had finally learned how to send text's on their scell phones. The wife, being romantic at the heart, decided o...
I usually find them on my rural properties. Today, I went on a listing appointment and what greated me???  ALVIN! Yes...a chipmunk.  Ran right up to me as if begging for some morsal of food.   In the garage, I could see evidence of Alvin and his friends living in the garage. I mentioned this to t...
I get this question a lot. There is really a lot I can say about a neighborhood. I give my clients two possibilities... 1) Knock on a few doors and talk with a couple of the neighbors. 2) stop by the local law enforcement station and get the scoop on any trouble from them. Otherwise, I can point ...
You know the old adage...It's not over until the Fat Lady sings." Well...I think she has been on a diet.   She has not been singing much this year although there have been many chances. There also seams to be a habit of waiting until the deal is almost ready to close to bring up problems. I was t...
Need to paint one of our Rental houses.  (Yes, I do my own Maint.) On some things we don't skimp.  Paint for the outside is one of those places. I went to pick out the paint..."Are you the paint expert?" I asked. No, he is.The young lad said. I explained to him what I was doing and asked if this ...
WE have a lot of summer left. The hot humid days are hear for some and will return for the rest. We talk a lot about getting de-hydrated. A key to stave that off is drink a large glass of water BEFORE you start your activity. This gives your body something to start on and you won't de-hydrate so ...
In today's world of get it for as little as possible, isn't always the way to go. I compare the junk at Walmart and what my local Hardware store has...(A mom and pop shop). Yes I pay a bit more but I get GOOD stuff. Same goes for repairs. I have a list of contractors... Most are mid priced to the...
WE went into last winter in a severe drought. People were wondering what the spring would bring for the farmers.  Well, it was very very wet.  Many thousands of acres of crops didn't get planted, but we were now out of the drought. Now, we are drying out again.  The crops are now close to where t...
WE all need a sense of humor. Life is to short and to stressful not to laugh at ourselves. We need to re-group our families and be kinder to each other.  In turn we will start being kinder to others around us. But for now, chuckle and send this on!

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