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"Bill, you have been boring lately.  Where is the humor?" That was in an E-Mail I got last night. So, for the weekend I am going to go back to the fun side.   A teacher was trying to tell the 1st grade class why they should buy one of the class pictures. "Later in life you can look at this and sa...
Yes, for many summer is over and fall is in the air. For many of us it means that we put the boat and fishing gear away and pull out the hunting gear. There is a lot to get ready and some of the seasons are only a couple of weeks away. For those who are following the season change...BE SAFE!
WE as Men, have been accused of wanting a lot of stuff. NOT TRUE.  Yes, there are a few things that we really want and or need, but they are not excessive. I have a few examples of the simplicity of the items we would like and a few we want. Here goes... This is nice and sturdy. A bit hard to see...
The dry and hot weather has taken it's toll. My garden is looking pretty sad. I water everyday, but when I started looking real close...I wasn't giving it enough. I am soaking it now and some stuff is doing better, but the damage is done. I just feel sorry for the farmers. I used to do this when ...
It has been a furnace out there.  High humidity, that made breathing nearly impossible. Our farmers are fighting two issue... One, is the dry dry weather.  Crops need a bit more water to fill out. two,...is.... Keeping the corn Kernels together long enough to get them harvested.  Looks like and e...
NO...It isn't an AR meet up. It's the Minnesota's State Fair. WE have one of the top Fairs in the country. This year, we have had the top heat also.   Officially we had a 96 degree reading with lots of Humidity. Theremometers I saw at the fair, out of the sun, were as high as 104...and that is wi...
I enjoy pets, but muy lifestyle doesn't allow for haing one at this point. I used to own and run a Pet Store.  I am off the farm. I chuckle at the dog and cat lovers because youare the ones that made my business profitable.  Thank You! But for tonight, for those who thik their cats are kids...
Yes, with fall approaching fast most every weekend has a to do list.   The list never seems to get shorter.   I scratch some off and my wife's adds some.   I guess that is the normal progression of life.   But for once, I wish I could have the PINK PANThER    to do   List.   I believe I could get...
Watering my garden I see many creatures at different times. Today It was a tree frog.  These guys do blend into the surrounding area really well going from this great green color to medium grey. This one is sitting on a cucumber leaf.  I took several shots up close before he got nervous and moved...
Have you noticed old sayings and advice are just as valid today as they were back in the year. Here are a few from Will Rogers... 1)Never slap a man who is chewing tobacco. 2)Never kick a cow chip on a hot day.   (Learned that one the hard way) 3)Never miss a good chance to shut up. 4) Always dri...

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