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Well, depending on who you talk to if there is a funny side. It seems more and more are finding out it may not be so good for them with the federal employees being the latest to speak out. But, In my humble opinion AI think that more short cuts will come into play and this illustration sort of sa...
Last week my Brother was telling me that his brother-in law got a great deal on a house. I asked him what he thought. Well, I don't know the current pricing, but, I would not have paid that much for it. So, when is a deal a great deal. Basically when the buyer of that property or any item for tha...
Love the song. But this is about the flower itself. Actually, 2 flowers. I was at out local Home Depot buying paint.  When checking out I saw this display with Orchids. This picture is very close to the actual size.  It is a bit smaller. I have seen many Orchids in my day, but never anything so b...
Have you noticed.  We are losing daylight at an alarming rate, at least up here in the Nort land. I can usually work all evening and come in at dark and I will be in time for the news. Now..I have to wait almost an hour.  I am not getting everything done I want to either. I can tell you, I am not...
I had one morning to take a fast trip to the lake. Fish were biting, but mostly small.  They kept me amused at least. But then something appeared at the side of my boat. An American Loon and her baby. These very wary birds usually move away when you approach them.  Not this time.   10 feet from t...
There is a lot more to selling or buying a home than just looking and moving in or out. Each party has things that need to be done and information to be shared. That information needs to be accurate.  The issues that you need to do need to be done on time. If you don't intend to do your part, the...
I have a seller that just does not seam to get it. I need personal information now that we are getting to closing. I seam to get it, but only in bits and pieces as I go along only to find there is more to the story. Well, I don't like to talk about my personal life. I get that, but I need to know...
I had a conversation with an elderly friend.  Not old just older than I. He told me he just found out that he has stage 4 cancer.  2-3 months tops. We had a long talk and laughed a bit. "Bill, I have some advice for you and I hope you take it to heart." Rejoice with your family in the beautiful l...
In this modern day of crime, we still see the little stuff. Broken windows, stuff missing from the garage or yard.  Mostly small potatoe's but very annoying. The people get caught and then you find that they got a hand slap and that was it. Most of this stuff is just an annoyance to the prosecuto...
Decided to take an evening and go fising with my parents and sister. I showed up at the time and we headed for the lake. We dropped the boat in the water and pushed off. Well, It took only a few seconds for my sister to tell me that the motor was not working."Didn't you check it at home before we...

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