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I had a nice long weekend and just not getting into the swingof things yet. So, I thought a joke would be in order.  Although, depending on who you talk with, it may not be much of a joke.... A father was walking through a drug isle in a local big box store. "Dad, what are condoms?" Unfased by th...
Well, it is the end of the regular season, but now the playoffs start. My Twins didn't do as well as I thought they might. They brought a bright spot, Aaron Hicks.  Although he had some power and tops in fielding, his strike out average was more than his batting average. Cole Devries was up last ...
Many times we fight with ourselves about what is right and wrong.  Most of the time we do the right thing. But how often we fight that voice in our heads. Here is an old Indian explanation of those two wolves.   I believe that we can extend this to many aspects of our lives.  Love and hate for on...
Fall is upon us here in the Nort land. The turning and falling of the leaves shows beauty and it gives us WORK! Minnesota has 4 great seasons all of which serves us in a different way. Not everyone likes all 4, but for me it isn't all bad. If you are looking at going gaulking at the leaves...make...
This is a serious thing right now. Drought not only effects our lawns and gardens, but also out trees.   And not just the one we recently planted. For the last month, I have bee watering my trees.  Smallest ones first and going to the really large ones.  Yes, they also need water. In 2005, I remo...
There are confrontations every year because of people trespassing. For some odd reason, people think they can go where ever the please. There are laws and they pertain to everyone, not just hunters. I am seeing more and more signs like these going up. Sad part, the poster may not be kidding. Save...
It is a beautiful night here in the Nort land. Upper 60's with a very light breeze. My wife and I chose to take a walk instead of watching the boob tube. Yes, it was dark, but there is still alot to see. That stars are bright and the moon is growing smaler in it's last quarter.  We even saw a sho...
My mind wanders once in a while. Actually, a lot!! But here are a few things to think about if your mind is blank...   Nobody will believe in you unless you believe in yourself.   A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.   Yesterday is history Tomorrow is a mysteryB...
Over the last couple of weeks it seems that the daylight ours have been reduced drastically. I am working harder and faster to get my stuff done in the daylight hours.  I wasn't done to night, so I actually worked under my yard light to finish a project so I ddin't have to do it tomorrow. I know ...
Fall is upon us up here in the Nort country! That means that the critters are starting to get ready for the long winter nap. Your house or cabin will be places they will look at if given the chance. A few tips...   Make sure there is no food for them to eat.  ie;bird seed and such. Keep areas lik...

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