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I had a guy and his son, about 14 stop looking for a place to deer hunt. I told him that my property had all the hunters it could safely handle. While I appreciated them for asking, it is getting late in the game to do so. It is easier to secure a spot if you start in mid summer.  Get to know the...
I was writing a contractand the buyer asked it they could set the closing at 6 months. 6 months? I asked. "Yes, we go south for the winter and are leaving in a week." I wish you had told me this earlier, not that it makes any difference for me, but the way we approached things may have been diffe...
We hear it most every day.  Cut waste and recycle. We have been doing this for years and years.  We even watch what we buy to cut down on wasteful packaging. We do it for the environment. But one thing we can't seem to find is a place to recycle small batteries. You know the kind...AA,AAA,C,D and...
Today it snowed.  For some this is nothing new.   Mountainous spots have seen snow already...a lot of snow. But for central Minnesota, it is a bit early. I took my wife for dinner and you can't believe the complaining. The ground is warm yet and the snow was gone in about 2 hours.  Really at this...
I love going to the farm auctions. Being I grew up on the farm, looking for things I need and buying things I don't has always been a good time for me. This Auction also included the Real Estate. Interesting, that in the middle of bidding, one of the bidders called out asking if there were any Re...
Hunting is a lot more than just shooting an animal. It is fellowship with friends and family. Yes, you may harvest some game and for some that is very important.  But for me it is the stories around the camp fire. One year I was walking into the woods and came upon a couple of the 'Good Ol' Boys ...
A family friend has this condition.  We have watched it progress.  It has been a slow process.  Hard on the loved ones to watch, but also hard on the person who has it. I has to be hard knowing you are losing your mind, sort of, not being able to remember the simplest things.  Asking the same que...
For those of you looking to purchase some recreational property, now is the time to look. With the leaves falling it is much easier to see the lay of the land. Now is the time to get out and walk potential properties you are interested in because you can see more than 5 feet in front of you. So, ...
The votes were not even castand members of congress were patting themselves on the back because they ironed out a deal. They talked about how they worded hard and long hours to get this done. Well, why didn't they work long hours when in session to get the deal done?  Now, will health care go up ...
Busy day of showing hunting land.  The last minute people are out looking. If you have cash, you can still get a deal done. WE walked several properties.  45 degrees or so and breezy. It was wonderful.  Then we got an unexpected shower that soaked us to the bone. Not so wonderful.   I was glad to...

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