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Owning a home isn't just move in and sit on the sofa. There is all kinds of maintenance. A new neighbor called and said his wood stove would not burn.  He has been having issues with it for the last week. I went over and took some tools of the trade with me. "Did yo clean the chimney?" NO, Why? I...
The house has been filled with love and laughter for the last 48 hours. I have enjoyed the grandkids enormously, but I need a break. Don't get me wrong, the kids are very well behaved, I am just old and not used to the noise. It is quiet here in my officeand I am re-charging my batteries.  Now it...
I stopped counting after about 5000. I am talking about calories! My wife puts on a great spread and even with only trying a little of everything, I was at 5000 on the first plateful. Now as the ladies are getting ready to shop...(Fools)...They are leaving me home alone with...PIE!!!   And real W...
It is hard not to smile and laugh with the holiday approaching. Soon the company will arriveand there will be laughter and screaming in the house...all good! So, a quick chuckle before I put this to bed.   A young and very attractive lady walked up to a table where her new boyfriend was sitting. ...
I received a call today... "Hi, I was wondering if you can show me a house on Friday?" Abosolutely!I told her. We have a bunch of company for the weekend, but they know and understand my job. Besides...Most of them will be out shopping.  Spending my money before I can make it! I know some people ...
I remember back in my childhood, Yes I remember that far...OK OK I looked at my notes! Mom would make the greatest Thanksgiving feast you can imagine. Turkey was seldom on the menu. Starting with a larger roaster, It would be a Wild Goose and a Wild Duck. Followed by a couple of Pheasants, severa...
Much of the Nations is under a cold spell. When it is colder than normal, Warm destination are usually in order or at least talked about. So, we book our flight and head for the warm sunny beaches where, because of our skin not being ready for the suns rays...we start to look like this... And eve...
It happens in all aspects of our lives. WE talk to each other...but are we really communicating? In order to communicate, we need to be able to get our entire point across to the person or people we are talking to. Way to often we walk away and think...Just what was that person really saying? The...
Am I the nly one that is already tired of the same old commercials on TV about... CHRISTMAS SHOPPING? The same old commercials. It starts early and just doens't seam to stop.  It would be great if the ads would only start after Thanksgiving and went until Christmas Eve. But I understand the marke...
Listening...Yes it is the key to the best life has to offer. Listen to the guy as he agrees to a big deal with you. Listen to the weathermen when they say the storm is close. Listen to your wife. I listen to my wife. It is just that she talks much faster than I can listen. Example:

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