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You are saying.....HUH? I wrote an offer last week. My client was worried about the offer as is was low.  Compared to the list price you could say it was a lowball offer. But when I ran the comps...We were still on the strong high side of the market. A low ball offer is one that offers a consider...
For those the know about hunting a deer stand is a solitary set up. You crawl up a tree or into a blindand it is just me myself and I! But every now and again, I will get visitors.   This red pine squirrel was very interested in me, but didn't stay long. Many of the forest creatures have stopped ...
My alarm was set for 4:15, but I can't wait any longer. Opening Morning of Deer hunting is hereand I have a 45 minute drive ahead of me. I was like Santa Claus last night.  I checked my list several times to make sure everything was ready. I have just 10 minutes to get loaded and on the road so I...
It doesn't matter what has happened with our medical insurance costs, some things still have not changed.   Some things are still like they were before.   Like the first photo...   How many people have you seen pulling on a hospital gown inback?     Who has not had their Dr. tell them to reduce t...
A few months back i had an agent ask if the sellers were mad.  No why, I asked. Well, they didn't take our offer and countered on the high side. Hmmmm, As I had searched the current market value and found our counter was about 5% below market, my seller didn't think they were on the high side. Be...
Mother Nature gave us a small warning.  Winter is on it's way.  This warning will last just a couple of days before the next small reminder. About 1/2 of the couple inches of the white stuff is already gone after one day. The rest will be gone tomorrow in my area, but sounds like Friday night, sh...
Yea...Sure I am. Oh, maybe in some ways.  But my body tells me otherwise. My knees creak, many of my joints pop when I move. My new glasses are no longer working like they should. My strength is waning and my hair, what is left of it is starting to fall out. It is the Golden years, but as far as ...
Sometimes you are asked for your opinion and sometimes you just giveit even if it is not wanted. So I have a question for you... Why is it tha you give your 2 cents worth, but yet you are only given a penny for your thoughts? There seems to be something wrong here!
I was sent this by a good friend. He is having some issues with, well, what else...Health ins. This cartoon makes a good point and sadly although somewhat funny, it is also sad and true. So tonight I will put it out of my mind for the weekend and then on monday, I am going to try and rattle some ...

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