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In our area at least they push the Flu shots heavily. I for one have never gotten one. I don't use the germ-X of other similar products.  I wash with soap and water, but I don't go over board. I believe there are enough germs I can acquire to help me stay healthy without trying to kill off everyt...
That is right...the end of 2013. I plan on making the most of this last day. I awoke to -26 this morning...A little brisk but by no means a reason to hibernate.  My neighbors to the north are much colder. I went for a mile walk with my camera.  The wildlife was a bit scarce to start with, but hey...
I have blogged about my wife's love of snowmen and her collection. So, when I see odd things I show her or I may even buy it. I was sent this one by a friend.  My wife was not amused, but I thought it was funny in a warped sort of way. I just wonder what he did that was so bad!
Yup, it is one of the coldest years so far in nearly a century, at least in my neck of the woods. I am not complaining as I don't mind the cold.  Only had to use my winter jacket 2 times and even then it was almost to warm. So, the debate goes on... GLOBAL WARMING? CLIMATE CHANGE? What  ever it i...
Christmas.  One of the easiest ways to put a smile on the face of a child. But after the gifts are open is when the real happiness can occur. Tearing at the paper is a fleeting moment, but spending time with a child is tops. My Niece, who is 5, got a really near nail polish kit for Christmas. "Ca...
Sadly during most Holiday's we are in a rush. Nerves are on the short endand tempers will flare. Sometimes, common sense leaves us. Please be careful. A friends was in an accident with his family.  Luckily, no one was seriously hurt.  But, they ended up being a lot later than if they had taken a ...
I do enjoy the Christmas season. The best part is seeing the family that you only get to see once in awhile. Seeing old friends around while shopping. But, the planning gets to be overwhelming at times. This year we are about 2 weeks behind schedule. So, much of our decor is staying in boxes. But...
It is true, many people have fallen and been hurt while doing the decorating. AS you can see, this guy is in a real predicament! The ladder has fallenand he is only hanging onto the gutter. Well, truth be known, this was a gag.  It was not a real personand it caused quite a stir.  Motorists were ...
Most people who love the snow also ski and or snowmobile, or some kind of outdoor activity. I love to ice fish, but time right now is very limited. We have had some amount of snow 16 days in this month of December. I like the snow, and I don't mind the cold. (Of course it has only gotten down to ...
Last night it was a tough tough night. I fell asleep and started to dream. In my dream, I agreed with a suggestion my wife had. Stop Drinking Stop Fishing Stop Hunting. After I had done all this, in my dream I looked in the mirror. and...This is what I saw... Believe me...I won't be giving into a...

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