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20 pieces of mail yesterday...14 asking for money.  (None of the normal bills) 15 pieces yesterday 12 asking for money 19 Pieces tuesday and 13 were asking for money. Many of these are charities that I know but many are some I had not heard of.  My wife and I have given our fair share, but we hav...
Chisago county commissioners have cut all funding to our elderly's Senior Center. This center has served thousands over the years with all kinds of activities.  Helpful health issue screenings and more. It isn't just for the seniors.  Many different entities have used the center to give help to t...
The best restaurant is out of town. Patons visit it every day and many more than once a day. This establishment caters to a wide range of clientele. The patrons are well behaved, and their tip is usually the great show they put on . Most bring many friends with them. No menu's are given, they jus...
Needing the newest and best tech toy out there is a disease in some ways. Many people NEED to be the first to have it although in a week the price will be better,although now outdated. There are a few things that are hard truths in the tech world... Tomorrow a newer and better toy will emerge. Th...
It was a chilly day, but the kids didn't mind it. We had a few snowflakes for a spell and the kids were running around trying to catch them on their tongues. It brought back memories as a kid doing the same thing.  I remember they needed salt! It is good to know that some things never change! The...
Many areas of the country are having some colder than normal weather. Minnesota is bracing for the coldest we have seen in 4 years.  So, once again it is our pets that we need to be concerned with.  A few tips... Food and Water.  Increase both especially the water.   Remember that it will be froz...
About 10:30 or so last night I went outside to fire up my furnace with wood.  A few feet away from the door we have bird feeder.  I saw something on the ground take off running.  Looked sorta like a mouse but much faster. Couriosity got the best of me and I went to check it out.  I could see a bu...
I received several calls and E-mails wishing a Happy Birthday. It seams that some people can't keep news like this under hats...can they Vern! But, that being said, I do thank all those that responded to Vern's blog and to those that contacted me directly. Now, for the rest of the night, I am goi...
WHY? The time for talking has long passed and waiting will only cost you more money. Home prices are on the way up and in some areas the increase is double digits.   Interest rates in some areas is inching up.  1/4% in my area per one of the local banks. This translates into higher payments.  So,...
I was truly amazed when I was sent all of these. I have a hard time understanding when some of them were done and others shows imagination. I don't know if there were contests or any reason why these were done especially the ones in part 2 I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. I wonder how ma...

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