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Getting older I now realize that I have more bones and muscles than I thought. Getting old, I realize how well I had it when I was young. Getting old lets me realize that I did know most everything. Getting old the world just keeps throwing it in your face. Getting old...I remember the good ol' d...
The more I see in my life of how the elderly suffer in many ways, I don't think I want to grow real old. It does seem to me that modeern medicine has created more suffering than we need to endure just to stay a live drooling down our chins. But, we just need to wipe off our chins and smile and ma...
There are many people who don't feel like smiling today because of the storm going on. Others really don't care and some will be deeply saddened. So, something to bring a smile to everyone who needs it and for those that just enjoy a smile. I hope this does the trick...  
There has been some talk about what is and isn't covered by insurance now days. Especially Medicare seems to be cutting back and the age of a person is a big deciding factor. But, I like to look are the funny side of things.   So, here a chuckle, but guys beware...I can see some petitions startin...
Right now it is the Northeast that will get hit and hard. When you live in an area and the officials give warning to get ready...usually 48-72 hours in advance don't wait until the last hour to do something about it. Yes, I know that they weather may not get so bad...but do you really want to cha...
I have a great doctor.  Just out of school a few years, top of his class and is very caring. I have had High Blood pressure for years and years. He took the time to make sure I understood some of the things that I should do to lower my stress level.   So I am taking his advice..  
Talking with some friends the other day, we talked about health care. They were upset about having to carry some coverage that does not pertain to them while coverage that they need was not covered. It doesn't seem fair that a few of us are tagged like that.   So we were thinking to make more peo...
The more I read about health care, the more confused I get. I know several doctors and one is going to quit the employer and start his own private practice...Cash only! Another is going to retire as she is tired of the red tape and being told how to treat her patients. 2 others are not sure what ...
This seams like a growing trend.  I have had several agents tell me that they have had listings complain about this lately.  One couple was actually eating supper when they saw faces in the windows.  (You could get shot doing that). There is even a guy that stops, knocks on the door (without and ...
I was meeting with a couple in their 40's.  They are hoping to buy a home.  They lost their to a foreclosure a few years ago. They had an arm product and needed to re-fi. They jumped on the computer to see how much equity they had in their home.  The went to......Zillow! Zillow's crack site gave ...

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