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It has been a great week.Business is picking up and we should see more inventory this coming week from what I am hearing from other agents in my area.But for now I think we just need to wind down and take it easy.Next week could be hectic... I am thinking about the Super Bowl next week and all th...
 Meeting with a client at a rural property, I gave him the directions.Not simple but easy to follow.He had the address also. At the meeting time he calls and is lost.I am at where my GPS says the place is but it doesn't look like it."NO, I am at the place and you are not." I had told him that the...
Well the super bowl is not done yet and Fantasy Baseball is starting to organize.It is about 3 weeks before pitchers and catchers report.2 Leagues I am on have already sent notice of the league returning.I will reactivate the Active Rain league sometime in March.Need to see some people in camp fi...
Mom's cat which is allowed inside and out needed a bath.It got into an argument with another stripped kitty. Now, this isn't a great thing as the cat came in and before they realized it was very smelly was able to hide and hart to catch. I did get the cat bathed...not a pretty picture in the long...
Men, We have to stick together.When we learn something to help us in our relationships we need to pass it on.That is why I have brought this tip to you.To protect ourselves it would be a good idea not too share this with our significant other.Doing so could jeopardize the validity of this tip. So...
My wife and I joined a couple of our elderly relatives and played Bingo.Now, This place was 1/2 retired and they are serious players.If and only if you talk it is in a very low whisper.And in playing this game, I found out what will make a meek and mild 80 year old lady talk like a long shore man...
Yes it is true...I am not one that goes out of my way to be P.C. but I am also not one to go out of my way to offend someone. This example from yesterday...I told a friend I was having coffee with that I had to get home, the garbage man will be coming.   He replies you mean sanitation engineer. N...
Something fun to start the week.I was sent this picture of a tree and you need to find the faces.At the top a caption says they could only find 5.I found more than that.You need to look closely.I am not sure how many there really are.  I will put my number in the comment box.     
One thing about snow is that it gets cold for a few days after it is done.Not always bad, snow is easier to move when it is cold out and it isn't sticky.But getting hit like th east coast did can be ahard pill to take for even veteran communities used to simalar events.So, at this point I am will...
I have new neighbors and don't even know their names...Yet.They moved in about 3 weeks ago and I can tell they have been really busy.  The cars are in and out a lot.  (They are the same 4 all the time.) So, a couple other neighbors and us are going to go for a visit.Not going to get to know them ...

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