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It seems the news if full of bad news.No one seems to be Happy.No one seems to know what to do.Taxes are to high they say but we still give away billions.I was looking at my wife's face book page with her.The negative vibe I got made me walk away. I think I will stay away! 
We have been lucky that the weather has not bee frigid.Right now with little snow cover the frost will go down fast with the next cold spell.So What? The so what is frozen sewers and some frozen water pipes under ground.If you are without a foot of snow on areas of danger, it may be time to think...
There is no time like the present to look for land.Very Very  little snow and no leaves.You are able to walk the land and see what it is like.When the leaves are on the trees you may not see 5 feet in front of you.Thinking of buying bare land.NOW! Is the time to look!
We did a different kind of a rescue for this cat.As you see, he does have an attitude like most cats.He was dropped off on the road.He was starving and very skinny and only about 4 months old.We took him in sorta.  He is still an outdoor cat.WE have a warm dry place at night for him and in exchan...
Many issues in our lives take some thought. Many others can take no thought. But then there those issues where a lot of thought is needed. So, I have included a test. If you have great concentration you will be able to do this. On the image below, count the black dots. Good Luck!            
We have so many get togethers with family and friends before Christmas that we need to do overflow into January to get them all in.Yesterday we finally had the last one.NOW, down come the decorations.All 500+ snowmen and the tree...the works.We did all the outside today and tomorrow my wife will ...
Today we entertained some friends after church.My wife collects snowmen.She has surpassed 500.Most at church had a had time grasping that.Well, after a tour of the house, they now believe.I think the biggest question that I heard about it wasn't how much time but WHY?It makes her happy, that is r...
It is true, many do not know ALL the laws on disclosure.Have a networking breakfast with some other local agents one told about a past client that decided his attorney was cheaper.The attorney failed to advise his client about ALL the disclosures that are mandatory in a Real Estate transaction.Th...
North Branch, Minnesota weather...NO change in site.North Branch, Minnesota weather has been well above average.It has been this way for nearly a week.Some love it, I for won not so much.The rain we have gotten has turned everything on the ground to ice.Many people have been hurt trying to naviga...
I have seen sellers get upset about a low offer.They even vilify a buyer because of it.But, even a low offer is a live person interested in your home.Many times the buyer will come up to a better price.  You just have to counter and see what they decide.Buyers are just like sellers...they want to...

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