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It has been asked many times why an angel on the top of the tree?The story goes...Santa was having a bad day.The elves were behind in toy making, a runner on the sled was badand Mrs. Claus, well that was another story.Then there was a knock on the door and there stood an Angel."Hi Santa!" said th...
It is the age old question that every Santa asks...Have you been good this year?I remember as a child hearing this and wondering...Santa is supposed to be the all seeing and all knowing.So, why is he asking me this question?But, I will be playing Santa this year.I will be asking that same old tir...
Thee is a lot of decorating going on in the Feela home.My wife is doing well after knee surgery and is making a strong attempt to get more decorations up.Just found out the Grand Kids will be here for Christmas.So, we need to make it look like Christmas for them. My role is to bring in the boxes ...
It is that time of the year. A time when animals like the Deer and reindeer have other thoughts in their heads. This make it dangerous on the roads as the deer are running blindly. You never know if they will run or stop dead in their tracks.   I wonder how this affects Santa?      
It is a great morning and the sun is out.There is not much snow and a couple new listings are waiting to be seen.My clients will meet me at noon and will take  peek.Hopefully the descriptions of the properties are accurate. If so, we may find a new homefor them today. After that, it is out door c...
Because of my wife's knee surgery, we did not decorate like normal.So, tonight I took my bride for a drive to see the lights.What we saw was dismal.There were about 6  houses that were decorated any real amount.that was on a 20 minute ride.  Some in town and some out of town.Actually all the good...
Now, I do not know if there is water on mars.I really don't care if there is or isn't.I think it is just NASA and the space community looking for life besides what is on earth.It does bring a lot of employment to the areas. But think about this.If you saw a UFO or some little green men...Would yo...
My client said, BUY!They loved the home and didn't want to lose it.But, they really didn't want to move in the winter."Would the sellers wait until  April to close?"Well I responded, we can ask. Buyers had already sold their home and were living with parents.Sellers were older and said they would...
Life is strange.Things happen at times that make you wonder.Some times it is an accident.Other times just bad luck.There are all kinds of reasons for you to watch your back.Especially in business as you never know who will cut your throat. But for now, it is Christmas season.  Be kind to all crea...
Well, I sent my letter to Santa.I sent one last year and it got all messed up.So, once again I sent a letter to Santa.I was very clear and specific in this years letter.I don't want it mixed up once again.So, Santa, Please read carefully this year.     

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