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Well, I was working on  someChristmas cards for family.I was readings a few I had received in the  mail.This one reminded me to be specific and to make sure peopleheard the message a was trying to convey.It reminded me to make sure my clients  understand perfectly.   
I do like winter.Everyday can be a different scene.Sun off the snow, or cloudy.It may be light flurries or a blizzard with very little visibility.But for me my favorite scene is when the frost collects on the branches and the sun falls on it and it looks like diamonds. Winter isn't all bad, just ...
 Grand kid's.Nothing warms the heart and soul like the grand kids.Even a closing with great clients takes a back seat.A hug from a young grand child is not put and andit is given with abandon. I love a great closing with great clients, but nothing beats the grand kids!             
Christmas is unfortunately is a very stressful time of the year. So, it is time to try and keep our sanity with a few funnies Stores are full of shoppers and many are not very nice.Glad I am almost done as only a few last minute gifts from a small mom and pop store. Hope you enjoy!     
Nature has a natural selection. Sick weak and stupid ends up being...lunch! Now the human animal is different. We protect those that are not so smart.We put lable on mundane things. Knife is sharpe  could cause injury.Do not take if your are allergic. I think you get the idea.     
A home has many opinions as to the worth.Depending on who you are depends on how y see the value.You see it one way, and a buyer another.Your lender will see it in a different light.So, who sees the home in the worse light?  Who else do  you think?  
Christmas is in the air.The kids are all hyped up trying to be better than they may have been.Letters are being written and Presents are magically appearing.Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is playing on and on from video's.People are being kind and friendly, and that is the magic that is happening...
I see many folks that they get to the late 50's and early 60's have decided life is over.They sit in their chair and think about the hang nail that is going to be an issue and it becomes one.Then I see others like myself.I may be aging and not so gracefully all the time.But I don't let that get t...
Dusting, a chore that few people, men or women, like to do.A chore that most often goes undone because, well, out of site and out of mind.So here is a quote for the person who avoids it... "You are dust, and you will return to dust.That is why I don't dust, it could be someone I know!" Makes sens...
Well, like most men, I have been accused of not listening,I listen, but I sometimes don't here everything.I may miss a word or 2...No big issue.But when it all washes out, I am not doing what I was told to do.I just thing my wife needs to be more specific!     

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