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You need a trail camera, also called a game camera,If  you live int the rural areas of out country.What are they?They are camera's that you fasten to a tree or other solid abject  to photographthe wild life that comes into your area.I have 5.I use them to watch my bird feeders to see what is visi...
This season as we sat around the dinning room table and we each said what we were thankful for,I had a few moments to thing.There is family, and business and my health.But the I searched deeper, and I realizethat my wife is one of the most important people my life.As being she just had knee repla...
Well the day may be over,but the affects of the meal is not.Many hitting the gyms right now.I see more people walking.It is a big reason I did not over eat.I did well, I ate enough but not to being stuffedlike the turkey was. Have a safe weekend 
It is the day after Turkey day and I got talked into shopping.Well, not so much of shopping but driving.With her knee doing well  and just a few things she feels she REALLY needs,we will be heading out.But the plan is easy.   I drop her off at the door and go park. She calls me when when is actua...
It has been a long day.I just need to pretend that I am alone and sending funnies to friends.Sometimes this site is just what the Dr. ordered. A place to vent even if you are not specific about it.To all  my friends here I say thanks for that. 
Black Friday shopping is almost upon us.I for one don't get it.People will stand in line for hours to get into a store only to find they ran out of the item they wanted.There a is pushing and running and even a few fights.All for a few dollars saved.Sorry, I will keep my head buried under my cove...
Things have been a bit tense in my household.My wife's had a minor setback in the pain area.We are working on it, but leaves very little time to be here. So, I really need to have a few chuckles tonight.I am going to share one now.Hope you enjoy. 
Our tradition is to raise our own.This year we have a hen.Her name is Mary.Remember I am on old farm boy and some things die hard,.So, Mary has been living the good life.She is plump and ready for our meal.The deed will be done on Tuesday.   There needs to be a couple of days for cool down and th...
I have been called a dead man walking for some of the jokes and cartoons that I have posted.Even from some of the things I have said about my lovely wife.Well, my brother sent this to me asying it reminded him of me.All I can say is...Yea, it could be me! Dead Man Walking!!!!
Well, I will try this again.I have a neighbor who is of   Native American decent.We were taking about food and  hunting.He asked me if I knew the definition of a Vegetarian.I said, Yea, it is a person who abstains from eating the flesh of an animal.He replied that that was the white man's definit...

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