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Now is a great time to plan on buying a  house in the spring.Now is the planning stages.Loans, De clutter  get rid of stuff you don't need, repair, paint and may other little thing.Garage sales can be time consuming for the few dollars you make.Now is the time to pick the town and or schools.Prox...
I was listening to some people in a diner I just left an hour ago.We got about 2 inches of fluffy snow.You would have thought we were in a 3 day blizzard.It made me think of the old tongue on the metal post.I have seen it and also how bad it is when you tear it off the metal.So when this cartoon ...
Snow in Minnesota is nothing to write home about.But people are complaining about the weather.But in all reality this is more the norm from some years back.But many people forget the cold early November days.I remember.Maybe it is because of the farm raising I had.We worked hard and many a day we...
The election is almost over, it is just the kiss and cry area that needs to finish up their work.Some people are talking doom and gloom and others are saying they will change the world.One thing is for sure.  The sun will come up tomorrow.We will go back to work  and things will look much the sam...
Cat owners will say...that their fur-ball rules the roost.Well I heard a cute story and I think cat lovers will agree. 21 dogs and a cat died in an accident.At the pearly gates they were asked by St. Peter...Way should I let you  in.The first dog a German Shepard said. Well, I have been a guard d...
Finally...tomorrow is the day.It is the day we get to vote.And I for one am excited.Don't get me wrong, I am not excited about the chance to vote, no,it means that all those damn annoying commercials will be gone!That in itself is reason enough to go to the polls!      
I woke up about 6 am.  I was smelling the flowers.They were pretty and the fragrance was strong.But when I looked out the window...it was brown and grey.There were no flowers or leaves on the trees.No Hummingbirds or butterfly's No, the world has no ended. I will weather the changes until the flo...
There are times in our lives we get a bit jumpy.It can be because of a lot of things.Sometimes a Storm, or maybe a time of the year...Halloween for instance.Some people are jumpy as part of their personality.And others may have a good ...See below!reason to be jumpy       . 
If you have followed my blog the last few days, you know I am deer Hunting. My clients, city folk all the way asked why I hunt and what could be so enjoyable. Well I told them this is what I saw today...14 species of birds all day long.Rabbitsa Partridge.a black squirrelmany many grey squirrelsAn...

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