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It was great.No snail mail today.I always enjoy when this happens.But let's take this a bit farther.Because there is no snail mail, would it not be great if we had no "E-MAIL" today also.Now that would be a great reliefs on my part.Even for a couple days
Sadly, this is an issue that I am afraid I me get to.It would be great to get to this age but the issue that come with it are not so great.But, I will enjoy what I have and try not to complain! Have a good evening and a great week ahead! 
The stair ways to heaven is a journey that only you can take.There are many obstacles in the way on the journey.How we handle these may be part of how our journey will go.None of us know how or where or when. WE don't even know IF!But for me, I just go with my Faith and do  the best I can!  
Here in Minnesota we see several home and  garden shows every year.These are great as they give ideas and people who can do the work.Some of these shows are large events and others are just small local setups.No matter.They will all have great information for the area you live.Check them out and ...
It is the cam before the next storm, which is due on Wednesday.Not all the big, 4-5 inches is predicted.Not so bad but for those who can't get around it is major.Many older people and those with health issues have a hard timeremoving the snow from driveways and sidewalks.Be a stellar citizen and ...
WE are seeing record snow for February.It is the 4th snowiest on record with only a few inches to be number one,In some ways I like to break records, but part of me says this is enough.Walking bare land is very difficult as the snow is above the knees. So, I will just take what we get!    
I ran across this photo from one years back.These guys built a screen House on barrels and made it float.It is on a small lake and pushed around with a trolling motor.I sometimes with I lived on a small lake as I would think about doing this.It is one of the greatest ideas I have ever seen    
My wife and I stopped by Gooseberry Falls in northern Minnesota.The falls look frozen but you could hear the water under the ice.Very pretty and also a bit dangerous.Beside the slipping on the ice the ice could break and you could fall in.Yet we still adventure out   
Well guys we sometimes need help.So, I have some help.This example was designed for the guy getting married.But, I have found that this example works for guys during most any celebration.So, do your self a favor and read and learn.This example could save you a lot of grief even when you did nothi...

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