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Most all of us has seen this or had it happen to us. We are rolling along the blvd when...Bubble gum lights in the rear view. Right away we try and have a good excuse, of which is  usually ignored. But most likely it is to no avail. But I still say...    
The Special night with the "Super Wolf Blood Moon.WE had some high thin cloud cover that made photo's hazy.But I hope you still enjoy the photo's if you didn't get to see it live.It was a cool event for sure.  Even the cool temps which made the lens fog some.      
Yes tonight is a special Moon night.It is the "super wolf blood moon." The moon close to the earth and there is an eclipse also.So I thought I would take a few early photo's.If the sky stays clear I will get some of the eclipse also. Peak for this happening is 1041 PM in Minnesota.Step out and se...
I hear it all  the time...I wish it would snow!I understand as I believe we need some snow for insulating the ground.Many septics are starting to freeze.Wishing for a storm so snowmobiles can run is understandable, but, that wish may come to you in a vengeance.Just ask those in areas that usually...
There is no reason for this blog.I was sitting watching some mindless TV show.Going through some old pictures on my computer.I was deleting some long ago photo's I know do not mean a thing anymore.but in doing so I ran across this one, This is a picture of my dad. It was our first deer hunting da...
Can you reach that goal?Make it simpler.Make a bunch of smaller goals that you can reach.Reach them and you will reach your long term goals. It is very easy to set lofty goals, but unless you have a plan,you really don't have a chance. Good Luck!!   
It is Thursday  and that means we are over the hump.The weekend is in view and I have a big one.With that in mind I thought I would start the weekend a bit early with a funny.Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend yourselves.Don't forget to hug your loved ones.It is the best part of the day!   
Back to home safety.Smoke detectors and CO2 detectors.Very important and saves lives.Now days you can buy units that detect both.But there is a problem.Where do you place it on the wall? Smoke is from heat and rises.CO2 is a heavier than air gas so it sinks. So, if you place the detector near the...
One of the worst things invented was the answering service.You know, where you  are greeted by a phony voice.Then  you are instructed to listen to options.Then y ou can hopefully pick the right one for youonly to be put on hold for an extended time. Meanwhile the operator is most likely sitting r...
Yes it was close.A near tragedy was averted because of a bathroom call at 3 am.Many people have wood burning fireplaces and or small wood stoves.They are a great source of a supplemental source of heat. Here is the story:Mr. homeowner cleaned  out the ashes from the fire place. Set them by the do...

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