How Much Profit Does a Home Builder in Seattle Make? The typical new home in the Seattle area takes upwards of 3 years or more to go from raw parcel to finished lot to finished house and requires, by some counts, 400 or more people to be completed. To understand how a builder, who is at the hear...
Is Home Ownership Better than Renting? Yes and No The on-going debate about the relative merits of buying a home as opposed to renting will not be settled by short-term comparisons but there are some additional considerations to add to the mix: Speaking in favor of home ownership; Equity from App...
What is a Realtor’s Responsibility in Washington? Determining what a Realtor’s responsibility is in Washington first requires some definition. The Realtor designation is the registered trademark of the National Association of Realtors, and refers to their members, not agents in general, though it...
First Redfin, Now Quill, Next - Newhomelink To truly appreciate the relative value of the on-line new home sales models compared to the traditional agent approach, one must recognize that there are two very distinct elements involved in the selling-side of a house sale. (We'll ignore the listing-...
Built Green - The Good, The Bad and the Indifferent Much has been said about Eco-friendly homebuilding in recent years but there have been few discussions about the relative merits of the various options that go into making a home Built Green®. As the Project Manager for the Built Green Idea Hous...

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