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This property here has been listed now for about 6 months with very little activity yes I know it is a slow market.  BUT, this is one of those property that is located in a highly desirable location which has very little competition even in a slow market.  It is located in a high end community ne...
I recently post a blog about what it is I have been up to lately and it generated a few nice responses.  I asked myself well why only a few people responded?  Well I think I have it.  I have been in or around the real estate business most of my adult life about 14 years now.  I spent a good part ...
This is going out to all that are interested in real estate for making money.  I'm looking to grab the attention of Lenders, Brokers, Agents, Investors & Hedge Fund Managers.  I have been working closely now with several individuals since May/08 to help sell off bulk packages of REOs (Real Estate...
If you are wanting to get properties in Florida at all time low prices now is the time to ACT.  The banks that are forclosing on these properties are getting to all time record high inventories and need to sell now.  Now what I'm seeing is many banks are not really willing to deal on these proper...
Hey Guys, I have recently come across a great way for those of us in the real estate industry to get great exposure for ourselves.  These new technologies have been available for a while but I see no one in our industry actually taking advantage of them.If you would like to find out more please v...
I have to say this question is asked of me over and over again and again each day by prospective buyers.  Well lets take a look at the facts has the mortgage process finally tighten up their loan qualifactions?  Easy answer is yes, but is this a good thing of course.  If you can pass the applicat...

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