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Here's a few pics from a recent trip to Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY. A renowned ghost site...      I used a long exposure and no tripod. That's why they are blurry, but kinda ghostly... ;) The family that bought the building now sells guided night tours. This was a lot of fun becau...
"EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION" is in my hometown this week! Yesterday they announced which family was picked for the show: WATCH VIDEO I thought I'd check out the site firsthand.  I'm guessing that if you want to be picked for a home makeover then (besides being a deserving family) it really he...
THE QUOTE: "That's not to say there are not individual homes... "...that have been impacted by the presence of wind projects," Ryan Wiser said. MY ILLUSTRATION: MY COMMENTARY: I suppose that wind farms don't technically MAKE wind (so this is NOT meant to be a negative commentary). But if they did...
REAL ESTATE NEWS IN ONE PLACE: Here's my first TWITTER account - started a couple of days ago. This account will be for (real estate) news links only. I don't know how I feel about Twitter yet. I never even thought about 'friending' strangers on Facebook, but I didn't hesitate on twitter - strang...
Start by reading the selection below (in quotes) from the following article: HVCC appraisal rules effective May 1 "Lenders may use "in house" staff appraisers to conduct appraisals. However, the loan production staff cannot select, retain, recommend or influence the selection of an appraiser for ...
   Here's a BEFORE AND AFTER photo of the Tower Oaks townhouse. Notice the boards on the wall (the two squares). The boards used to cover holes made from dog's teeth. The trim was extremely chewed up, as well. I wish I didn't accidently delete the photos that showed a collection of dog hair matte...
I was encouraged today when I read about provisions being added to the bill passed this Wednesday by the U.S. House that will require states to deny a license (to sell home loans) for applicants who have committed a felony within the last seven years. This is especially reassuring after a Miami H...
Some of the government's new regulations seem bogus to me; just a band-aides to make themselves look good. For example, regulation against prepayment penalties. In the short term that might help some people sell a house in foreclosure. In the long term it forces lenders to use higher interest rat...
Before, I paid nearly $100.00 for access to The First American Corporation's data base of recently sold properties so that I could get an idea of what a property's value was. Of course, I am not a Realtor, so this information was not as readily available to me. Then came Zillow. This s...
FORECLOSURE DISCOUNTS: Even with the Feds trying to help homeowners 'keep their homes' (in other words, help banks 'save their shirts'), only a small percentage of people are qualifying for loan modifications. Then, after qualifying, only a small percentage are maintaining their new loan. As a re...

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