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I have been distracted by other business, but I have started updating my news site again! Check it out: CLICK HERE This site focuses on real estate headlines from almost a dozen different sources. It is a one-stop place on the web for you to stay up-to-date with the news that matters to our indus...
This morning I read a USAToday artice titled Fed to curb shady home-lending practices . Once again, it inspired me to question the situation and the response. I am pro-regulation when it inspires transparency. In other words, I feel as though some brokers hide or manipulate borrower information w...
I think it's cool that TWO authors about 'green living' have chosen Gainesville as their residence! There's no arguing that we have a lot of green. As even more evidence is the recent denial for new development at the Gainesville Golf and Country Club. This is a tough one for me because I am prou...
Since using "" I have collected links to the majority of real estate news headlines in the Gainesville Sun for April, 2008. For daily doses, check out my Squidoo page.Stunted developmentSuperfund showdown: Any progress at Cabot-Koppers?City hears power plant options Center for girls t...
I spend part of each day reading the real estate section of several websites and recently discovered the social linking network, "". So, for a few weeks I have been adding links each day as I surf my usual news sites. Today, I am sharing my with you! Since I'm reading thes...
Here's our latest prospect. it's located in Gainesville, FL. The owner of this property has vacated and it is scheduled for auction next week! We intent to make a last second request to the bank for an extension to be filed, so that we can offer to buy it. Of course, we will make an 'as-is' / al...
Did you see this one? "An essay contest about 'Why I Believe In Miracles', charging an entry fee, with the award being the home and land located at..." This caught my attention yesterday in my local newspaper, which is about ten states away! I did a Google search and found the details at HouseWi...
Commentary: I frequently see blog posts written by ignorant whistle blowers that don't know the difference between 'creative' and 'fraudulent'. If too many people don't learn the difference, then the real estate industry risks becoming paranoid and defensive. This could translate into regulations...
This past weekend I was attracted to the annual Spring Promenade, which is a fundraiser for the Thomas Center gardens in Gainesville. The center sold tickets to tour six historic houses in the Duck Pond area. After seeing the first home and walking around at a snail's pace due to the crowd, I dec...
Does anybody know: why did Activerain  stop giving points for uploading photos to Localism? Earning points is fun and good incentive for adding new material. One of my hobbies is taking photos, so I am admittedly a little bummed out that they aren't worth anything now. It's my understanding that...

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