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Folks, this is the best deal for miles (in my biased opinion). The owners are VERY motivated. this is my second blog entry in regards to this property, but I've included a few additional photos with this one. The asking price has been reduced again to an astounding $399,000. The property appraise...
How close can you guess: where in Alachua County is this property?I have driven by this property a hundred times and thought to myself, "I wish I had my camera!"  HINT: it is not on the side of some hidden dirt road. I was also amazed to discover that someone actually lives here. Just as well, it...
Is it just me, or is something seriously wrong with this sign? I've been in Gainesville almost 15 years and the round-a-bout phenomenon has really started spreading throughout certain residential areas in the last few years. So, if we are going to continue with this trend, maybe we should reconsi...
  Beware of the famous GUARANTEE! Here is a group in the news for making false statements to homeowners in foreclosure. According to the FTC they were advertising, “We have all the funds available to pay your bills and save your home from foreclosure. GUARANTEED!” The Federal Trade Commission is ...
Here, in Gainesville, we aren't spoiled with sunsets. It is flat and there are tall trees that mask the horizon from almost every point. As a result, it is almost necessary to make an effort to see a sunset in all its glory. Luckily, I was visiting my parents' in Keystone Heights, about 45 minute...
I attended the monthly GATORREIA (GATOR Real Estate Investor's Association) meeting this Wednesday in Gainesville. I estimate approximately 40 people were there in total. It was the second part of a four-part series about buying foreclosures. The speaker of this segment discussed the options avai...
We are currently looking for a low rate loan to purchase SEVEN fully-rented properties near the University of Florida. The seller is willing to hold paper (all seven are free and clear), so the fun part will be establishing the LTV to get the seller as much funds up front, while maintaining a lo...
February 18, 2008: We were invited to inspect this property for a possible investment. I love to photograph fixer uppers! The woman of the household recently passed away and the husband has moved in with the adult daughter. Now that the house is vacant, the family would like to sell. They are co...
>> FEB 23, 2008: We were invited to inspect this house as a potential investment. The owners of this house live in California. They bought it during "the boom", but they have not been able to flip it. They stopped making payments because they could not afford a vacant house. Now the lender has ad...
Does anybody know where this house is (in Gainesville), or wanna guess?  I needed to waste some time before meeting with a listing agent the other day and so I took a cruise around some neighborhoods. Some people like looking at birds, or plants, etc.. Well, I'm likely not alone in this group, bu...

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