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Zillow may have the facts... (albeit skewed at times) but it's usually the neighbors who have the skivvy.  Yes indeed... everything you ever want to know about a home or property, just ask a neighbor.  After all, it's only neighborly, right?!Sometimes neighbors can be so helpful.  They love to sh...
People can be so territorial.  In some ways, being protective can be a good thing, like when neighbors put up fences to keep their pets and children safe within their own yard.  There's nothing offensive about that.      I live in a small town where people are still kind and civil to one another....
From underdogs, to underprivileged, to plain ole' under the weather... nothing grabs my attention more than people in need.  Perhaps it comes from a heartfelt place of having experienced all of those things personally.  Recently, my friend and chairman of CRS Oregon, Adam Bogle, threw down the ga...
When you think about stepping stones, you envision a path that leads to somewhere.  Sometimes the path is layered with pretty landscape and spectacular views.  Sometimes the path is a muddy maze of slippery slopes befuddled with trips and falls.  Looking back... I accomplished much in 2015, but n...
Not long ago, I asked Siri a question... What's the meaning of life?  She replied, "Life... is a Magazine."  Classic, I thought.    After the shits and giggles wore off, I started to reflect on her answer.  When I was young, my Mother used to share sugar over the fence post with her neighbors.  N...
The day began like any other morning.  I arrived at the crack of dawn with coffee in hand.  I'm not particularly a morning person, but I knew I needed to be by her side. Four weeks camped out in I.C.U., I kept hoping and praying for a miracle.  She couldn't speak, but on good days, she followed m...
My Magic Potion...  Seriously!
From Trails to Ales... The New York Times has tagged Bend Oregon as one of the top 52 Places to Go in 2015.  It's no surprise the area attracts outdoor enthusiasts for its world-class skiing, biking, hiking, fishing and paddle boarding. But here's some facts you may not know...  Bend, Oregon has ...
Turning a page in a techy world.  It's a bit of an oxymoron, I know.  Especially when the written word on 'paper' is quickly becoming a relic.  In the last 12 months, I've printed one transaction... the rest were digital.  As a Principal Broker, this delights me.  As a nostalgic kind of gal, I'm ...
It’s a day of dread for some, yet many rise to the occasion without hesitation.  I saw it coming, but never fully anticipated the weight I would feel when the day arrived.  I’m not the first to face the monumental task of caring for an aging parent, and certainly not the last.  For years, we mana...

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Curator of Happy Endings
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