So I was reading this CNN/Money article today: It talks about how existing sales rebounded in August, up from a big slide in July. I thought I’d check it compared to Missoula and unfortunately the news isn’t the pre...
I just typed up a report for the Montana Association of REALTORS(R) yearly end of business meetings, it's all relevant stuff about what's been going on here and so I thought I'd share it here!  Message as follows:   Residential market, urban Missoula area:   YTD sales: 595, which is almost exactl...
Recently the Missoula City Council proposed a new special district tax on certain areas around town to help fund their upcoming budget shortfall.  The story is gaining ground as the protest provision is in effect right now.  Just yesterday Mayor John Engen was on CNBC touting the special district...
As the REALTOR(R) image continues to slip in many aspects leaders of associations, brokerages, and the industry find themselves facing a critical junction as the new market emerges.  Gone are the days where the phone rang with new prospects almost every day, the lack of need for broker accountabi...
This is the the second attempt of a blog post, the first was a little narrow-focused and upon writing it I got to thinking about a listing practice in Missoula (and probably a lot of the US) that is now DOA.  The old trick, "Lets price it up and we'll negotiate down when a buyer comes along."  So...
A Blog I read quite often is called The Calculated Risk Blog, in this story: the story I've linked to talks about expected supply of double digits in the months to come regarding re-sale homes.  CRB expects suppl...
Two weeks back in Washington DC for the Realtor mid-year meetings I was pretty surprised to hear both Lawrence Yun and an economist with Moody's talk about an upcoming new construction housing shortage.  Yun talked about on average the US needs to be building about 1.6 million new homes per year,...
Lets take a look at an array of stats (For Missoula urban area only): 1/1/2010 - 7/26/2010 Sales: 504 houses 1/1/2010 - 7/26/2010 Median: $199,900 1/1/2009 - 7/26/2009 Sales: 464 houses 1/1/2009 - 7/26/2009 Median: $215,000 My analysis: Neither of these numbers are overwhelmingly surprising, the ...
Forgive me on the choppy post, but I thought I'd cut and paste two of my most recent blog posts regarding the market in the Missoula, Montana area.  The 1st post was put online on April 23rd, the 2nd one I put up today. 4/23/2010: With 1 week to go before the tax credit expires things are frantic...
Not the official numbers as our MLS database is user-maintained.  Recorded sales are entered by the selling broker, and sometimes there is a bit of a delay with that data. Pulling things up today, here's what I see for the Missoula Urban area: Sales - 899 (down 1 from 900 in 2008) a flat trend, t...

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