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Not a lot of changes going on this past week. Inventory remains relatively stable as pending sales are keeping pace with the new inventory coming onto the market. Since there is only about another month and a half of seasonal buying activity remaining, there is little doubt that the buying "frenz...
This is an excellent article that underscores a few of the points I made in my last post "Distressed Sales Make Up 43% of Home Sales in 2012". In the homes for sale market in Maricopa Arizona, the increase in values is being fueled by just such a thing however it is mostly drive by local investor...
The following article from RealtyTrac reported that 43% of homes sales in 2012 were from dirstressed sales, 22% from foreclosures and 21% from non-foreclosure short sales. This was a 6% decline over 2011. Although this is a signifigant number, it doesn't really tell the whole story, especially in...
After a brief decline the 2nd and 3rd weeks of January, inventory of active homes for sale in Maricopa Arizona continues to hover just below the 500 mark. Althought he sesonal buyers appear to be back in town (as you can tell by all of the out of state/country licnense plates), there appears to b...
Sorry about the long time bewteen reports but between the Holidays, some time out of town and dealing with a few medical problems the last couple of months have been VERY hectic. The next few months are critical to the homes for sale market in Maricopa Arizona so I will be be more diligent in the...
There is another recent report from DSNews that quotes Moody's Investor Services as stating that lenders are beginning to decrease the shadow inventory in Q3. I am not sure what is happening nationwide but I can state as fact that this is not the case in the Maricopa Arizona homes for sale market...
David Liniger, co-founder of RE?MAX, recently shared his top ten predictions for the housing market in 2013. Last year, his predictions were 85% accurate. Keep in mind that this is a take on the national picture and that local markets, especially unique ones like the one in my community of Marico...
After many months of holding their breath, distressed homeowners can now breath a sigh of relief. The Debt Relief Act of 2007 has been extended through 2013. There are rumors that it will be extended further in the final deal but for now, at least, the news is good. The Debt Relief Act offers pro...
          Is it just me, or are our presidential candidates ignoring one of key issues that is affecting a majority of the citizens of our great country?? Don’t get me wrong, I care about the Iran nuclear prgram, the starined Mideast realtionships, military spending and our troop deployments. Bu...
Maricopa Arizona Homes for Sale - Market Report 23OCT12 There is not a whole lot to report on this week as all of the key indicators are trending in the same direction as past few reports (see Maricopa AZ Housing Market Data). Inventory of active listings for subdivision homes for sale in Maricop...

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