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Information about the Quinte region in Southern Ontario, Canada
Like most Canadian realtorsĀ®, I anticipated a much quieter real estate market over the winter, and I'm delighted to say that I was proven wrong. Talk around our office has been that this is likely the busiest winter in some time, and the stats are showing that to be true, with the number of sales...
I live in the beautiful Quinte Region in Southern Ontario, Canada, but when I need to get the lastest news about what is happening in Libya, at a convenient time, I must admit that I am tuning in to CNN more often than I am to our own news services. There are more important things involved in thi...
Here's a link to copy of the large (1800x1080 pixel) Nasa image of the "Groundhog Day Storm". If you load this in your browser and you see a magnifying glass cursor as you mover your mouse over the image, please click it again to see the full-sized image (1.1 Mb.) See the full-size image.Nasa Det...
Just listed - 14.5 acres of rolling land with open fields, mixed bush, and a great view, only 9 minutes north of the Quinte Mall in Belleville, Ontario. The country home has been very extensively renovated and upgraded. Complete details, along with a slideshow and video tour are available on its ...
The real estate market was stable with moderate growth in the Quinte region through 2010. Total dollar sales were up 3.2% and average residential sale prices were up 4.7% compared to last year. One unusual feature of the statistics for December 2010 was that prices remained relatively high even t...
GREMLINS! Yes, they do exist and they live in computers. The story is too long to repeat here, but it took me almost nine hours to do a video that should have been done in three. It's safely in the arms of YouTube now. Does anyone want to buy a country condo?
Ok. There are some pretty smart people out there on AR, so maybe you can give me some help with this one. Chestnuts, check. Fire with nice coals, check. Metal coal shovel thing to put them on, check. So I put the chestnuts on the coal shovel, placed it on the coals and went to tell my wife that I...
Ok. I am/was a Blackberry user. Great business tool, no question. I like the keyboard, so I watched for more than a year as my son went on to produce iPhone applications. I was still a Blackberry user. (You must get a lot of mistakes pushing virtual buttons on the sceen, don't you? Well, don't yo...
I'm lucky enough to live out in the country on 29.9 acres, with the part surrounding our house being in a very wild state. When I parked my car today, this guy was looking at me from the wall. I set him on some leaf litter and took this picture. Ā  Jabba The Hutt? No, as you can likely tell from t...
Despite many years of a declining monarch butterfly population here in southern Ontario, Canada, we have been lucky here on our rural land, partly because we maintain milkweed stands where they occur naturally on our roadsides and in hedgerows. Most years we still get a good showing of monarchs, ...

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