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Information about the Quinte region in Southern Ontario, Canada
Our rural area in Quinte is one of tremendous contrasts.The farmer who rents our land has recently put in two new methane digesters which will use cattle manure, field waste and even used restaurant grease to produce electricity. It's proven technology, and he will soon be supplying enough electr...
I'm dad or step-dad to 7 kids. Our youngest daughter likes to look her best - though I think she looks great all the time anyway - and she has been part of the growing number of young people who use tanning beds on a regular basis.The World Health Organisation has conducted an expert analysis of ...
I'd just like to bring one thing about Google searches to your attention that I have not seen blogged here.I'm lucky to own "" and I do get a regular flow of contacts from it. If you are in Ontario, Canada, it's a pretty sure bet that if you search for information about "movi...
One thing I like about real estate is that we do come up with unexpected bits of time when we are not busy, and it's fun to have the freedom to fill them with any activity we wish. That happened to me today - two clients this morning, birthday for my son tonight, but nothing I had to do this afte...
We have been listening to bad news about the economy long enough now that good news seems to hit us with a bit of a jolt. Can it be true? Has the economic recovery started? Despite all the caveats in the Bank of Canada announcement today -
Forty years ago today, I was a young teacher - 22 years old - and the television set in my classroom was set to one of the most amazing events in my lifetime. A blurry figure of Neil Armstrong was seen descending a ladder to be the first human being to step on the moon. He has been criticized for...
This one isn't my listings, but I have permission to advertise it, and I would certainly love to show it to you!It's on a great lot at Crowe Lake, which is near the Village of Marmora, Ontario. The width of the lot is first on direct lakefront - but the east side of the lot runs along a small har...
After a strong surge through to April this year, the market appears to have quietened somewhat. Roy Millar, President of the Quinte and District Real Estate Board, has provided an analysis of this data: Sales: Dollar sales, for all categories in the month of June, 2009 decreased by 3.0%, going fr...
I must admit that I have never been a great fan of lawns. Sure they feel nice underfoot, but you have to wonder about the prcatice of growing plants just so you can cut the tops off them every week or so. All the same, we have a LOT of grass on our property, and a John Deere garden tractor that i...
As I logged in for the second time tonight I saw that AR has gone over 150,000 members. That is really amazing! I am one member of a very large "voluntary staff meeting" for realtors who get together daily to talk about our profession and the challenges we all face, and to freely share the best i...

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