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I think we are at a crossroads with respect to how we deal with environmental issues. The focus of our conversations now seems to be less about whether or not we need to do something, and more on how quickly we can make things happen and whether or not our actions can have an adequate effect befo...
I just came to real estate last April after trying a period of retirement. Frankly, spending that much time in jogging suits wasn't my idea of how to live, so, despite all the warnings about how difficult it is to get started, and how awful the market is supposed to be right now, I took the plung...
After 38 years in education, and not being entirely happy with going into retirement,  I got started in real estate about 6 months ago. It's been interesting to learn more about the culture of my new profession, and my colleagues have been a great source of support in my induction. One thing conc...
Those of us in snow country are busy putting our snow tires back on the car at this time of year, but this time Iran into a couple of surprises when I went to Walmart to have the work done on my car. I have a front wheel drive vehicle, so I asked to have the snow tires put on the front where they...
Regardless of the name you use for November 11th, it has the same meaning for us in Canada, the USA, and many other countries around the world. A time to stop and remember the incredible contribution that the members of our military make to provide us with the freedom we have.My grandfather was t...
I spent some time in Europe in the 80's and I was struck by the fact that, at that time, home ownership there wasn't something that many young families could aspire to. There was no way that most of them could earn enough to purchase a home, and the most common way of proceeding to ownership was ...
This is a shoutout from one Canuck to my colleagues in the US as you come to the final few days of your election. You may be surprised that many of us in other countries are pretty much hardwired into CNN as we watch this race round the corner and head for the finishing line. Regardless of what w...
It's a quandry. We want governments to help first time buyers get a good start, but we don't want to see the abuses that were involved in the sub-prime mortgage problems in the US. Here is what legislators in Ontario, Canada, have come up with, and I would appreciate your comments on whether or n...
This is a copy of a posting I made to Jared Wangsgard's blog when he asked "How Much Should I Pay for a Website?" The bottom line is that web authoring skills are fairly easy to learn and they can help you in your business. Something to consider if want to use the Internet effectively. Hi Jared,...

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