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Carol Culkin, Real Estate Salesperson, is your source for real estate in Overland Park. Carol is an award winning agent who gets results! For more information on the Kansas City Metro Area or the Overland Park community please call Carol at (913) 333-8310.
Recently I wrote about the importance of NOT using certain keywords when marketing real estate listings.  There is one exception to this.  SHORT SALE. Two dirty little words Realtors hate to see pop up in the remarks of a real estate listing.  However, the circumstances of the sale must be noted....
I couldn't believe my eyes the other day as I was perusing the realtor.com website and viewing out of state homes for sale.  As a Realtor, shopping as a consumer, I am amazed at the comments I see when viewing listing information.  The comment that caught my eye was  THIS PRICE IS FIRM. ...Really...
  If it looks and feels like decades of comfortable living - it probably is. The house is dated and the carpet is worn but this was once somebody's home.  Don't laugh at the decor and furnishings - the same harvest gold color scheme as the kitchen appliances.  This was once THE style along with t...
I unlocked the door and opened it just a crack.  Suddenly, I was overcome by the aroma. The seller had prepared the Sunday dinner.  It was a cold winter day, the kind where we just want to curl up by the fire with a blanket and look forward to comfort food.  But, this seller had to leave the hous...
As my current home improvement project gets delayed, I realize it is all about getting the job done right.  Issues came up.  There were some unforeseeable hidden problems that were not revealed until the demolition process got under way.  This means an added cost and more time.I'm not mad.  Perha...
There's just something about a luxury home that brings out the curiosity in all of us.  I guess my own curiosity can easily be satisfied as a Realtor.  I have had the privilege of getting through the doors of some pretty amazing and unique properties.  It's in the job description.  And, included ...
Is there good news on the horizon for Dutchess County homeowners?  Two mortgage representatives told me this week in separate conversations that the Dutchess County area is no longer deemed a declining market by the lenders they work for.  One rep was specific to state that the term being used no...
The typical listing appointment discussion::  So what do you think a buyer would be willing to pay for your home?  I ask this question.  I listen.  I take a deep breath and then I give MY pricing opinion/strategy.  I watch their jaws drop to the floor.  Once again, the sellers are confused about ...
Agents! Did you ever feel like you need to negotiate with a seller BEFORE you even get through the front door with a potential buyer?  Don't we do this all the time when we call to schedule showing appointments?  How often does it happen that a seller tries to finagle a different showing time?  W...
Hardship is running rampant these days.  Everywhere I turn as a real estate agent I hear stories that bring me to tears.  Many people are experiencing financial problems, unable to pay their mortgage and getting deeper into debt.  Some of my past and present clients have confided in me about the ...

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