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Sales in 17 states picked up first quarter of 2009 compared to 2008. This is more evidence that economists are looking for that the recession is bottoming out. Economist also predict that more states will show improvements throughout the year. Patrick Newport, economists for IHS Global Insight, s...
Someone's finally coming to visit and your guest room will make them want to cut their visit short. Here are some easy ways to spruce up a guest bedroom just in time for visitors. 1) Make room- If you closests and drawers are jam packed as storage move some of it so your guest can store some of t...
Here are some ways to protect your home. Walk around the property and ask yourself 'how would I break in?' Look in windows and make sure there are no valuables visible. Sliding doors are often an easy entry point for a burglar. To prevent it from sliding place a broomstick in the track. Exterior ...
Obama signs bill expanding mortgage relief This act calls it second chance to save homes, but people should live within means.   President Barack Obama signed it into law on Wednesday. The law encourages lenders to adjust a mortgage if the homeowner agrees to pay an insurance premium. The program...
Why stick to boring neutrals, when you can have exciting colors? Here are some clever colors to choose and where to put them. Into the Blue- give your kitchen a splash of color with a burst of blue on a wall. Blue makes white cabinetry and photo frames pop. Bring in accents on the warm end of the...
June has arrived and summer is just around the corner. Here are some early summer chores that will let you enjoy the outdoors sooner rather than later. With the start of summer coming many people are focusing their chores on the outside, here are some to focus on the inside. Switch ceiling fan bl...
If your struggling to stay afloat in this economy here's some helpful tips. There's almost nothing more stressful than the thought of losing your home because of foreclosure. No matter how bleak  your financial situation may seem, you still may be able to avoid having your home foreclosed on. For...
Bargain mortgage rates are the latest sales strategy from builders struggling to sell homes. As mortgage rates fal to near historic lows, lowest since 1956, home buyers are looking for ways to get the buyer in the door. The latest sales promotion: Lennar Corp is offering is a fixed 3.625% rate ov...
A housing law that President Obama signed last week will help protect renters for awhile after their landlords have been foreclosed on. The law will allow tenants to remain in the home 90 days after their lease is up before being forced to vacate by the lender. Renters without a lease will get 90...
Falling home prices have lead buyers thinking they can hold on to a home for a couple of years and turn out to make a profit when they sell again. In most US cities your better off buying a home now than waiting to find rock bottom, you won't know until the money already on the uprise and then it...

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