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The Calgary Real Estate Board has released statistics for December 2008. Supply is currently outweighing demand, and like any economics 101 teaches us - this causes a downward trend in prices. Home owners feel secure when prices are going up, and we become concerned when they are dropping. For th...
The link below was sent to us, and we couldn't help but share.  Some houses have charm & character, and that is what makes them unique.  These homes are more than extra-ordinary!   Carolyn BudreskiMarketing Specialist for Rob Jo...
The air is crisper, the nights are cooler, and the leaves on the trees are changing colours. It must be fall.  With any change of season, keep in mind, it is soon time to take new photos. Why? Soon enough the leaves will be gone, and the snow will fall, and your exterior photos will become dated....
It seems these days, we all wear many different hats.  Myself, I am Rob Johnstone's Marketing Specialist & Assistant, and on the side, I am a freelance photographer as well.  Here are some tips on photographing homes, for all that might be interested.  1) Lighting Lighting Lighting! Make sure tha...
Good Afternoon All,   Just wondering if anyone here had any experience with Rob Tucker and his internet marketing coaching program?  If you have, we would love to hear about your experience.   Thanks,   Carolyn BudreskiMarketing Specialist for Rob Johnstone  
In a previous life before coming to work for Rob, I worked for Ad Agencies, and on the Marketing and Sales side of Condo Projects. These past experiences taught me a LOT about what NOT to do when designing an advertisement. Rule #1: Just because you are printing in Colour, doesn't mean you have t...
The Web Prospects software was presented to us recently, and after weighing the pros & cons, we have decided to switch over. We were previously using Agent Office as a means of contact management, and had been looking for a web-based solution. We are currently in the process of working out all of...
Recently, we joined a pay-per-click website that has the premise of "looking smart". We loaded up one campaign, with the intention of marketing a website that was dedicated to a very specific niche market in Calgary. We set our maximum cost per click to 30cents, and maximum daily spend to $10. Af...
This post is not meant to directly bash or "flame" anyone or any organization in particular. [It is however, intended to generate discussion on past experiences.]Just out of curiosity, does anyone here use a search engine other than Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, or Looksmart?  I'm willing to bet that ...
If you're on this site, I don't have to tell you twice that blogging and networking sites have taken off. Most recently, MySpace and Facebook seem to be the most popular.Has anyone heard of LinkedIn? For anyone who hasn't heard of it, it is similar to facebook, except its purpose is for networkin...

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