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So, I’ve been watching number and following a lot of trends and I believe I see a change coming in the future.  This is pure opinion of course, but investors should be poised for jumping into the market.  There are several factors that have lead me to this conclusion and here are a few.  Right no...
With the economic crisis that our country is facing, it is imparative that we as Real Estate professionals inform our buyers and sellers of the trickle-down effects that this may have on them.  For instance, if showings slow-down on a seller’s home and they are asking why, it is important that we...
When it comes to selling your home it can be an emotional process.  Part of this process can often involve doing too much to your home before selling it.  A trap that many of us fall into is that we want everyone to love our house as much as we do!  This can sometimes lead to us pouring money int...
Sometimes there is a little confusion when it comes to Home Inspections.  I will work under the assumption that everyone would like to know of any problems before they purchase a home.  Working under that assumption, a home inspection is a great tool to use to find-out any material defects before...
What can we be doing to better help the general public know what services we provide? As an overall industry we have done a poor job in providing educational opportunities to help people understand what we can do for them. I constantly hear from clients (as they try to find a good way to word it)...
This is a question that I was recently asked by a relative.  To be completely honest, there is a time and a place for appraisers, and a time to save the money and use a Realtor.  As part of the real estate world, Realtors are able to provide homeowners with what is called a CMA (Comparative Marke...

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