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We always good relationships with past clients and the referrals will come.  Stay in touch on a regular basis with our SOI.  This is definitely a relationship industry.  But what about the relationships we build with fellow Realtors, Realtors within our own company or who work for o...
Our thoughts create the life we live.  Are your thoughts working for you or against you?I read somewhere that we have 230,000 thoughts per day.  That seems quite high to me, but even if we cut those stats in half...115,000 thoughts per day is still staggering.  Then lets break that down again.  L...
Okay, I just need to vent.  A few months back I decided to create and purchase a web site.  I had heard about the Featured Web Sites through and thought, hey...they probably are a good place for me to start.  After-all, they are  Well, I purchased my website a little over...
This topic has been talked about and talked about.  However, in a BUYERS MARKET, I think it is worth talking about some more.Buyers hold the cards in today's market.  Inventory is high.  There are many many homes for buyers to choose from.  So why would they want to buy your home?  When you list ...
Lake Michigan is the 6th largest freshwater lake in the world.  The combination of all the Great Lakes contains 6 quadrillion gallons of fresh water which is 95% of the US supply.  For me, I have been lucky enough to have spent most of my summer vacations and long weekends, playing along the shor...
I use pen and paper a lot still in my business.  Maybe it is my age.  Heck, I just now know about the word "blog."  Slow but steady...I am trying to move forward in todays business place.  But I love to write things down, have paper notes, files, etc.  Lately I have been thinking that I need to s...
Below is a wonderful article I received yesterday.  In todays market of gloom and doom, I thought it was appropriate to pass it along.  We get what we think.  So how are your thoughts today?  Changing our thought process is the first step to a life of positive, hopeful circumstances.  As a famous...
I have moved and switched markets in the last couple of months and find I have more time than anything else right now.  Therefore, I am taking advantage of this time to hone in on my marketing plans.  I have been considering doing an E-Newsletter and want to hear from those of you who are doing t...
I started my real estate career in Lansing Michigan but after being a tourist in Grand Haven Michigan for almost 15 years, I decided it was time to relocate to this wonderful little jewel of a town.  I was in the book store the other day chatting with a couple of women from Chicago who had never ...

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