Finally, some great news for the Mesa, Arizona economy! Apple just announced that they are buying a vacant factory belonging to First Solar in East Mesa and leasing it to GT Advanced Technology. GT will be manufacturing sapphire glass components for Apple products. This is huge! It is estimated t...
Okay, I know we've all been horrified to see a picture of ourselves, taken unawares, that makes us look, well, not as fit and trim as we see ourselves. We think, "Do I really look that chubby?" It's not as if we don't see ourselves in the mirror everyday. But still, we can turn to get a better an...
I'm wondering about the forces in the universe that control the attendance at an open house. I had an open house this Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Not a single visitor for the first hour and 45 minutes. Then, at exactly 11:45, three separate groups showed up at the same time. This same p...
So I'm at my desk with potential paint colors spread out for a flip I'm helping an investor with. Because we live in Arizona, all of the paint colors are variations of tan. Subtle variations. So subtle that I'm losing my mind trying to decide. The HOA has officially approved 10 of the tan colors....
We just listed a beautiful home in a popular neighborhood in Gilbert, Arizona. We hired a professional photographer so that the listing photos would be perfect. The photographer shooed us out of the home so he could take his pictures without distraction. The photos turned out beautifully--with on...
Finally! Today there are actual clouds in the sky in Mesa, Arizona! I always tell Arizona newcomers that you have to hang on until Halloween to see the change from summer to fall, so I guess we're two days early this year. From this point until sometime in May, we Arizona desert dwellers have bra...

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