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Geraldine Ferraro, Candidate for Vice-President on the Democrat ticket twenty-seven years ago, died today at 75. I must confess an affinity for characters in our history that rise above all odds to become something larger than might have been expected.  Geraldine Ferraro became such a memorable c...
There are more browser products available than could possibly be useful from Internet Explorer to Chrome, from Safari to Flock, from Maxthon to Firefox.  I have to say that I find features in every one of these (and more) that I find useful for some specific purpose (apparently other than to make...
Wisconsin has been gridlocked by the absence from the state of the Democrat members of the State Senate.  It happens that the party line divide causes a lack of a quorem required to discuss certain types of legislation - appropriations bills.  So the Governor's controversial bill to address the 3...
David Broder, long time senior political writer for the Washington Post, died today at age 81.  He will be missed.   Detailed article from THe Washington Post available David Broder was an expert and truthful reporter - a true journalist - for four decades.  He did his homework, developed ...
My recent post concerning the controversy of High Speed Rail in Florida was very limited in its scope.  My intent was to voice my support publicly for Governor Rick Scott and the courage of his decision based upon current economic conditions - without discussing the merits of the high speed commu...
I had occasion to write a letter to the editor of the Lakeland Ledger, one of my local newspapers, which was published.  I want to quote it now because, while the topic is Florida, the message is relevant for all of us.   The context for the letter is the decision by Florida's Governor to cancel ...
The President is talking about tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserves to ease the gas  price increases and perceived shortages.  I object and consider the action to be another Presidential photo op. A discussion of the Strategic Oil Reserves with a guest on Fox News suggested that the acti...
While most of you are watching the Super Bowl today, some (who perhaps do not have a life) are thinking back to Ronald Reagan on his 100th birthday. If a political geek like myself seeks out a definition of Conservative thought, there is no better example than President Ronald Reagan.  In October...
Governor Scott is concerned about the costs involved in High Speed Rail Transportation as currently proposed for Florida.  Questions of budget and commercial viability of the program as drafted remain a concern.   Bay News 9, Tampa Bay News arm of BrightHouse Cable has a poll up on their website ...
National Harbour, MD –  The Republican National Committee has chosen Reince Priebus to succeed Michael Steele as Chairman of the RNC for the 2012 Election Cycle.  Mr Priebus is currently the Chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party. The election process seems to me to resemble the process for e...

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