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Whining Is NOT Negotiating, Bothering Is NOT Convincing "How To Annoy Your Way OUT Of A Deal Or Alliance!" Negotiating needs to be done with coolness and brevity. The listing agent is typically well aware of the value and condition of the listed property. The buyer's agent is typically aware of t...
When the first words out of someone's mouth are "I just don't want to get screwed again . . ." you KNOW 'esh a mumu'  . . .Oh, these poor, poor people. They came to one of my lease offerings with a sob story . . . they had bought this wonderful property in a neighboring county and the former owne...
People just do not listen, and then they want us to get wrapped up in their dramas. We had a 'divorce sale' home. Very acrimonious divorcing couple who spoke only through their attorneys (we had the husband as our POC).  A couple put it under contract. The husband was a friend of another of my cl...
Okay . . . I have to say as real estate careers go, either I have lived a very sheltered life or I just take 'crazy' as part of the deal. Or perhaps I'm the craziest one around me . . . this is a distinct possibility. So it took a moment to rack my brain for something CRAY. FOUND IT! This chick c...
#FortMohaveCommercialRealEstate#BullheadCityCommercialRealEstate#BullheadCityDevelopment#FortMohaveDevelopment#MohaveCountyAZCommercialRealEstate Winter 2019 is booming for Bullhead City and Fort Mohave commercial real estate. The new Goodwill and Human Bean buildings are done at South Highway 95...
1691 E Lipan Blvd, Fort Mohave AZ 86426 Large Fort Mohave Industrial Buildings For Sale or Lease Fort Mohave is a sought-after location for manufacturing and industrial application. It's close to Bullhead City, Laughlin, Needles and I-40 to Los Angeles, Phoenix and 90 miles south of Las Vegas.  A...
I was in the grocery store yesterday and heard the checker talking to a stocker: "Hey Joe, did you get your house yet?" "Just lost the third bid!"  Hah! You couldn't PAY ME ENOUGH to get in on THAT conversation, but I knew exactly what was going on. I don't do much residential, but our market her...
I'm primarily a listing agent, which I prefer (although I enjoy my great CRE buyer and tenant clients as well!) When you take listings, as most real estate professionals know . . .  . . . you gotta be able to SELL or LEASE them too!  Just 'a sign on the highway' is not enough (although it's great...
Talkin' about agency, an eternal point of contention from my first year in this blessed, infernal biz.  A respected colleague said, "Do you really want to hire the same lawyer the other guy's using to sue you?" Well . . . wait a minute. Reminded me of one of many clients we've fired over the year...
Ha! Remember the Coyote Ugly movie about the NYC bar (an actual 90s bar, the Coyote Ugly Saloon), hot chicks dancing on the bar spraying seltzer water on delighted patrons?   The term 'Coyote Ugly' (for any who don't know) refers to a drunken one night stand with a gal who, in the sober light of ...

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