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Congratulations to the Resort at Marina Village at Tarpon Point on their Opening!!   The fabulous Tarpon Point area now has parking, shopping and office space, banquet facilities and condos. Shops, restaurants and convention facilities are all scheduled to open soon.  See you at the Nauti Mermaid...
  I can't understand why people say we don't have the change of seasons down here in SW Florida.  Of course we do!  We can tell what season it is by our faucets.  If there is lukewarm water coming out of the spigot then it's summer, cold water means it must be winter.  I guess it must be winter n...
  Congratulations to Boots and Earl Tolles for receiving the ‘Tabor Award' as the Cape Coral Community Foundation "2009 Philanthropist of the Year"!  Cape Coral is blessed with many wonderful humanitarians but this 2009 honor could not have gone to a better choice.  Boots and Earl will remain tr...
The Veterans Mid-Point Memorial Park located at Four Mile Cove Eco Park is another fabulous tribute to the men and women who have serviced to keep our country free. My heart still sputters when I hear the national anthem....and a tear always forms for the men and women who have sacrificed. http:/...
It's FINALLY here....what we have been waiting for....  PC World has just announced their ‘Best 100 products of the Year'  If you only read one article-this needs to be the ONE!!!  From phones, to mini-camcorders, to laptops, to social networking sites, to software, etc....  Tell me which one out...
Are you "annoying"?  Ask your friends... There is so much talk about social media these days and everyone is jumping in.  It's fun, it's entertaining, it's addicting....but be careful...... Soliciting business through social media can hurt you and your business if not done correctly.  Remember, i...
Cape Coral, FL You know the place...the one with the sunshine, blue sky, miles and miles of canal waterway, affordable gulf access homes, palm trees swaying in the breeze....  Last 24 hours:                                              29 - new residential listings on the market                  ...
Need a life?... Over a year ago my sister sent me an email invitation to be her ‘friend' on Facebook.  When I got the invitation I thought, "Facebook is for kids" and deleted it.  A month later I got another invitation from someone else.  Delete! After all what could a social media site do for me...
What's happening in Cape Coral, FL?  You know the place...the one with the sunshine, blue skys, 400+ miiles of canal waterway, affordable gulf access homes, and palm trees swaying in the breeze....  Last 24 hours: 31 - new residential home/condo listings 33 - went under agreement 17- sold Grab o...
Tell me what you would do?  You are out showing buyer clients a few properties and you stop at the next home on the tour.  You unlock the door and your clients proceed inside to view the property.  3 minutes later into the house walk another couple.  They tell you they are working with Susie Q (t...

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