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Why do some properties go under contract faster than others?  Recent blogs have discussed contributing factors that influence quick sales and/or multiple offers.  When I listed my condo for sale, there were several other available units in the same building.  Some had even been on the market for ...
Since joining ActiveRain, some of my friends are now reading blogs featured on ActiveRain’s home page.  As we all know, there are plenty of Featured blogs that vent about, moan about, and complain about disappointing and discouraging real estate situations.  Heck … I’ve even contributed a couple ...
But in a good way ... I guess.  Here in Dallas, the real estate construction season is in full swing!  From this direction, you can see another 300+ unit apartment building slowly making it's way up!  Should be completed by late summer 2012. Could all this construction be a sign of recovery and g...
What's the craziest thing you've seen someone do while driving?  Another close call on the road today.  Amazing what people MUST do while behind the steering wheel of a car.  For everyone's safety -- please just drive, okay?  Thank You.
What are the best ways to attract and retain subscribers?  As an ActiveRain Newbie, I'm always looking for positive ways to become a better blogger -- and a better Rainer.  Lately, I've read a few posts addressing subscribership with great interest.  I appreciate each and every one of my subscrib...
Many posts have been written addressing the far-reaching effects of blogging.  Blogging is not something that typically produces immediate results and instead, requires commitment, patience, persistence, and continuity.  Although there are many who support the monumental benefits of blogging, the...
Last night, I attended a Dale Carnegie “Skills for Success Preview Session.”  Over the years, I’ve attended dozens of professional development courses and seminars -- but never Dale Carnegie training.  He's the the one that wrote the famous, bestselling book “How to Win Friends and Influence Peop...
Attention to detail goes a long way.  Especially when someone is asking for my business.  Lately, I’ve received a few solicitations via the LinkedIn and ActiveRain networks.  Like most individuals, I do not prefer unsolicited sales pitches.  Typically, I will seek out goods and services that I ne...
Do you know anyone wanting to jump on the blogging bandwagon?  One of my pals has been following me on ActiveRain and although he is not involved with real estate, he is totally intrigued by our network of bloggers.  Excited, yet anxious about the process, he's been contemplating a Wordpress blog...
ActiveRain Technical Support has been taking a lot of heat lately.  Overwhelmed with more than their fair share of snafus, they’ve dealt head-on with some complicated issues caused by recent changes and transitions.  As most of us know, many of these issues have triggered unexpected “pear shaped”...

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