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Real Estate Broker/Owner - North Shore Suburbs & Chicago Real Estate
Don’t Tell Me Anything You Don’t Want Me To Remember I have a great memory.  I can remember phone numbers of friends and relatives from when I was a young girl.  I know my driver’s license and credit card numbers by heart.  I can recite dialogue from an episode of a favorite television show that ...
My name is Carie and I am a serial volunteer.   The truth is, I’ve always had a penchant for volunteer work.  Organizing events for Teens Against Dystrophy as a young girl.  Spending hours every Sunday reading to, and visiting with, residents at a nearby nursing home during high school.  Assistin...
Recently, while engaged in conversation with a taxi driver, I was asked the obligatory question, “What do you do?”   “I’m a real estate broker,” I answered.  “Wow, you don’t look like a real estate broker,” he replied.  "Hmmm, what exactly does a real estate broker look like?” I asked.  “I don’t ...
Some people are so easy to deal with.  You know the ones.  Those blissfully, laid-back clients who make life worth living – or at the very least – make it a pleasure to get out of bed in the morning.  They're straightforward, goal-oriented, realistic, and they tackle their mission with thoughtful...
The year was 1987.  I had just completed my Real Estate Salesperson’s Exam – a pre-computerized, licensing exam involving a sheet of paper, a No. 2 pencil, and a 6-8 week waiting period.  At that time, I knew very few people working in the real estate business.  So, after receiving my passing not...
Perhaps you embarked upon 2012 – primed with soaring aspirations, lofty goals, and growing momentum.  Super-sized, high-octane adrenalin kept you on track and moving forward throughout the year.  Yet, despite all the hard work, long hours, and persistent triumphs over life’s inevitable hurdles an...
For the second time in a month, someone has handed me a business card displaying a non-existent website.  Or, so it seems.  Okay, I’m not talking about a website that is experiencing temporary server issues.  Nor, do I mean a website with isolated, internal pages still under construction.  I am r...
When Kerrie announced it was ActiveRain Winter MeetUp time again  –  I  was psyched.  Over the past year, I’ve been to a few Texas ActiveRain MeetUps, however, I was scheduled to be in the Chicago area this time around.  Bummed out that I would not be able to attend a Texas ActiveRain MeetUp, I t...
Blogging Can Be Intimidating Especially for blogging novices.  Each week, I meet lots of ‘blogger wannabes’ who are intrigued by, yet fearful of, venturing off into unchartered, blogging territory.  Since I can talk about the ‘Joys of Blogging’ all day long, I am always eager to enlighten others ...
Who doesn’t love receiving a handwritten note or card? Whether it's for a birthday, or a 'thank you' for a gift or job well done, I try to send out handwritten notes and cards whenever I can.  There's something about using a real pen, with real ink, and signing a card or note with a real signatur...

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