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  A factual account of one young real estate investor’s imagination…1 smoking hot real estate promoter…. Getting out of Google search jail… and the sucker punch that kick off a real estate investor organic search fight. Why this makes a difference to anyone who has continuously mull over making r...
Emphatically imagine for a minute that you have ideal sales skills. You are knowledgeable about everything there is to know about buying foreclosures and you know what to do in all foreclosure circumstances.  At this instant just presume there is another individual bidding on the same foreclosure...
I fully comprehend that the blog post I am about to write may upset some folks to the point of rage. I have to be able to look in the mirror every day though and know that I have stood by my convictions and what I do is helping people in distress Let me start where I am going with this; the blog...
I recently wanted to purchase a few foreclosures to add to my inventory of homes; so Tammy and I traveled to California near San Diego. I arrived at San Diego International Airport the weather was perfect as always Sunny. Highs 72 to 77. Tammy went to get the rental car as I looked for our luggag...
Quite a few months ago, I wrote an out of the ordinary dynamic article that I entitled, "How to make $200 - $800 in one week! Helping Home Sellers with Short sales" I wrote that short sales article for the reason that I had lots of people emailing me with economic emergencies. Therefore, I sat do...
HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) foreclosures are for sale all over the United States. The buying procedure for a HUD home different than other homes for sale; you will come across when buying a home from the MLS Listings or for sale by owner, therefore take one minute of your ti...
Despite the fact that much of the writing on housing in the United States worships the intrinsic worth of home-ownership, some what tiny has been in black and white about the recompenses of rental housing. Today, homeownership is far and wide considered as the golden solution to an assortment of...
 Google Phone Bid Secret, Maybe George W Is Using It Carlos here writing about Google again  The so-called Gphone is it a myth or a new technology Google wants to give out free or maybe will be in the rankings of the greatest urban legend in the ranks of the legendary ever-popular Google operatin...
My wife and I were considering the possibilities during a long flight from India about unique articles we wanted for our sites. Our goal is for new original content related to HUD, VA REO, foreclosures, real estate, wedding favors , my favorite keyword LA criminal defense attorney (sometimes it ...
 I experiment with Google's AdWords Campaign Optimizer wile my wife and I was traveling through China on holiday; two weeks went fast. I still enjoy of only needing only two or three hours of sleep, so I had some time to test the Google's AdWords Campaign Optimizer with the keywords HUD, VA REO, ...

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