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The phrase "I need" seems to be popping up more and more in my recent conversations with would-be home sellers, and it usually rears its head particularly early in the conversation.  I think that many home owners want to make sure that I understand right from the get go what it is that they "need...
That's right folks.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and declare that in some market sectors we indeed have ourselves a "seller's market". At the peak of South Florida's so called "bubble" it was commonplace for a property to sell very quickly, with multiple offers, and at above askng price.  ...
My broker has started a Social Networkng Group in our office.  I have been "voluteered" to run a host of monthly meetings so that our group members may share, interact, and learn from one another about what we're doing to create new business opportunities through the use of various social network...
Participation in social media by real estate professionals is really in its infancy.  Relatively speaking, there are very few real estate professionals that are active bloggers or participants in social media circles for the express purpose of providing a public service.  I have no idea how many ...
It's happening as we speak.  All of those so called great deals on foreclosure properties are vanishing.  Here in South Florida, it's becoming very common for properties to sell at more then asking prices!  As fears over interest rate hikes, coupled with the awareness of the upcoming deadline for...
As you may have noticed, prices are beginning to bottom out, and we are at the beginning of the end of this depreciating cycle.  The next six months will specifically reveal exactly where that bottom actually was.  As with any economic cycle, you never know the exact bottom until you've past it. ...
I need a home!   Here's a new friend to anyone out there that wants a great family pet... This is real estate related.................Right????please call:Monica Gaitan (305)668-1629
Hello all, I came across this great video from a real expert on rates and the overall mortgage market:   Check it out, he's right on the money!
Here are the  propertesties that I currently have on the market that have large lots in a the exclusive neighborhood of Hialeah Gardens Estates: http://fl...
Everybody wants to know when the depreciation will finally stop.  Truth is, that you can ask 10 different real estate professionals where the bottom of the market is, or whether we're perhaps there already, and you'll get 11 different answers.  So for the already skiddish consumer, the seemingly ...

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