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 A Random Act of Kindness at the Supermarket! Yes, day 28 of the 30 day blogging challenge has crept up on us, and I was hitting the proverbial blogging wall.    And then it hit me.   A random act of kindness, in of all places, the supermarket! Remax Executive Realty established a charitable foun...
What You Should Know About Your Home Inspection I wrote a recent post detailing the Massachusetts Offer to Purchase Real Estate.   Part of this contract will be your home inspection contingency clause.    You will likely hire a home inspector to evaluate your new purchase prior to entering the ne...
A Fascination with A Fox Sighting Bellingham MA This morning it was very windy, I guess that is what made me look out the window first thing.    As I did, I had to do a double take, for what I saw was a very well feed fox attempting to climb a tree in the back yard!    Now, the tree was leaning a...
Sometimes it is the little things in life that make all the difference in the world.  I just got home from a "celebration of life".    A very young and beautiful girls life cut short by a slippery road and a big old oak tree.    The family was dutifully greeting their family and friends who waite...
Buyers Remorse  and How to Avoid It What is Buyers Remorse? Simply put, buyers remorse can be rephrased to "What the heck did I just do".  It  is a feeling of uneasiness or anxiety coupled with with the sense of regret that one can experience after making a purchase.   This usually happens with a...
Is There Optimism In The Air or is It Simply Holiday Spirit? I don't know if I am coming off the emotional high of having a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends yesterday and it may be just me, but these past few days, I have seen a more upbeat attitude in folks.   It makes me wonder is...
Thanksgiving Trivia Do You Know The Answers??? Good morning and happy Thanksgiving day.    Most are off to Thanksgiving day football games or off to the relatives to have a terrific dinner.     I am writing a post this morning to stay true to the 30 blogging challenge that I agree to.   So far, s...
Traffic Nighmares Franklin MA and Surrounding Communities "Over the river and through the woods", not so much!    I just got back from completing some last minute tasks in preparation for the Thanksgiving feast tomorrow and the traffic was just unbelievable.    It started early on as there were m...
The Massachusetts Offer to Purchase Real Estate When you decide to purchase a home in MA you will likely use a two step process to agree upon price and terms.   The offer to purchase and the purchase and sales agreement.    Both are binding contracts.   The offer to purchase is likely the first o...
Medway MA Santa Parade Tree Lighting and Fireworks Nov 24th   Mark the date!   November 24th, this coming Saturday night gather your family and friends and head on down to Holliston or Main St in Medway MA for the 20th annual Santa Parade!   The parade is  followed by the tree lighting at Choate ...

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