What celebrities live in Colorado? Where do they live? Why do we care? It seems that people are fascinated with the rich and famous. There have been TV shows, books, magazines and more written, photographed and said about famous people. One of the interesting things about Colorado is who we attra...
Even in the middle of an ugly election, we see positives on the housing market around the country.   The Economy is the talk of the election, yet we are in the trenches trying to earn a living.  So while the negative is resounding on the political trail, some positives are on order to look at.  T...
Living in Evergreen Colorado, gives you an opportunity for an active lifestyle.  One of the activities is Mountain Biking.  This is part of the Jefferson County Open Space Park system.  It is called the Centennial Cone, click here for the Jefferson County Information about the park.  This next li...
In Evergreen you will have opportunity watch fall colors, but there is this incredible drive that will give you a great look at Colorado colors, curvy roads, and a train ride. In Evergreen there is a road called Squaw Pass Road, take it for a great curve test on your vehicle.  This is a fun ride,...
Occasionally, you run across an article that says, “Wow, wouldn’t that be nice!” This article leads you to the toys of improvements to homes that lead you to the “Wow." The coolest home amenities, read on. The links on the bottom with take you to the article. Architectural Detailing: They talk ab...
Ocassionally you have to have some fun.  Who owns this house in Aspen Colorado?  We will give clues in a bit. But we did want you know to for sure, that appropriate credit for the photo and the article this came from will be given.   After the guessing we will list the article.    
Creekside Restaurant In Evergreen Colorado   Creekside Restaurant in Evergreen Coloraodo, offers you fine food and local wine.  The view along the creek is wonderful.  The food is excellent and the wine is great.  This is one of the nicer places to eat in Downtown Evergreen.   We highly recommen...
Eating in Evergreen Colorado? Consider that technology can be a fun way to experiment. Particularly, when you are out and about and learning an area. If you are going to eat in Evergreen, it is the perfect place to experiment. If you have a smart phone there is an app that has been around a while...
350 Pcksaddle Trail, Evergreen CO Beautiful wooded lot in Evegreen Colorado: The "Grand Preserve" is in the subdivision of Saddleback Mountain in Evergreen Colorado, a newer neighborhood of million dollar + homes. These homes are all custom built and are of a mountain-contemporary style. This exc...
Evergreen Colorado is a wonderful place to live. One of the main reasons is the peaceful community along with a strong sense of community belonging.  As a resident, there is much to offer.  One of the interesting items of note is the make-up of the community.   What we have done here is give you ...

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