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Education & Training - Although I'm retired, I love sharing my knowledge and learning from other real estate industry professionals.
As a retired agent, broker/owner, and property manager my blog is a menagerie of wisdom and ramblings from my career and life in general.



There are currently 3 homes for sale in the Broadview subdivision2003 Broadway North @ $519,0002067 Broadcrest @ $565,0002078 Maiden Lane @ $595,000Since the first of the year (2007), there have been 2 closed home sales in Broadview:2059 Broadleaf @ $550,0002010 Maiden Lane @ 579,000In the calend...
Dear Carol:I own a condo at Washington West in Wenatchee, and bought it for 84,000 about 9 months ago.  I have recently received an offer for 115,000 and I am not sure if I should sell now and buy a house, or hope that my condo continues to go up, and buy a more expensive house in the future.  Pl...
The Stoney Court condo project has moved into the second of seven phases.  The siding has been put on the first building and the foundation has been poured for the second building (foreground). Even though I have reservations on two condos in this next building, for liability (insurance) reasons,...
Below is a Supply and Demand Report Summary for the price range of $200,000 - $300,000.  This is the "meat" of our market activity right now.  This covers the market areas of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee only and no outlying areas:In Wenatchee we have:82 active listings25 sold in the last 30 days...
The information below is a Supply and Demand Report for the price range of $600,000 - $750,000.    This covers the market areas of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee only and no outlying areas.  This is a report I compiled today for a listing client to show him we are not missing any buyer activity.   ...
As agents, we have one click access to the "24 Hour Hot Sheet".  This is a synopsis of all market activity in the last 24 hours.  This includes new listings of homes, and land as well as a report of newly "pended" sales, "closed" sales, "price reductions", and homes brought "back on market", and ...
My assistant, Shelley, and I got out (as we almost always do) for the weekly (Wednesday) agent tour of homes.  The Wenatchee side tour is from 9:00 - 11:00.  The East Wenatchee side from 10:00 - 12:00.  With our increasing number of homes on tour, it's difficult to get to see them all in the allo...
If you're looking for a great home inspector in the Wenatchee area, we have one more choice... Star Appraisal & Home Inspection service, owned and operated by Wayne Gerald. Wayne has owned and operated his inspection and appraisal business since 1985, but has recently moved from the "dark side".....
A recent Associated Press article is a bit misleading as to the strength of the Wenatchee economy.   Here is an excerpt from that article.  My thoughts follow:Bob Seltzer, a local real estate agent, said the boom there is being fueled by an influx of retirees from rain-plagued Seattle who are loo...
If you're going to ask someone to subscribe to your website, you'd better have written the content all yourself or know where it came from!Yesterday I had an interesting experience.  I was solicited to subscribe to a website, which caters to investors.  He gave me the website address and I told h...

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