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Education & Training - Although I'm retired, I love sharing my knowledge and learning from other real estate industry professionals.
As a retired agent, broker/owner, and property manager my blog is a menagerie of wisdom and ramblings from my career and life in general.



I really like this explanation of coaching by Grant Schneider .  He nailed it.  Beyond the initial purpose of a coach, I find the accountability factor makes a huge difference in the success of the coached client.  Coaches make their players accountable to the game plan.Enjoy the article...Carol ...
Remember that old adage:"No-one cares how much you know until they know how much you care"?                    WRONG! In real estate, prospects just don't care how  much  you say you care. You can tell them how much you care until you are blue in the face. All you will get is a blue face.  Take o...
On a stifling hot day like this, it is refreshing to go back and look at pictures I took last New Years Day.  My friend, Gail, and I took a drive north of Spokane, Washington to the Green Bluff area, which is known for it's fruit production.On that beautiful winter day, though, we were blessed to...
I do love sunflowers.  We all know sunflower heads follow the sun, but do you know the actual scientific explanation of why?  Click on the link for your scientific lesson of the day.I totally love this one, which was probably the result of a bird dropped sunflower seed.  It is a volunteer that gr...
During a visit to Walla Walla last week, we stopped in the Marcus Whitman Hotel for a refreshment after a hot day scouting the area.  While walking down a long hallway of the convention center section, I was immediately drawn to a display of three large paintings by the artist Jeffrey Hill. Click...
Last week, during our foray to Walla Walla, we enjoyed visiting the Wine Valley Golf Club, just 12 miles west of the town.  Be sure to click on that link and you'll get a much better (more elevated) view of the course than what my picture shows.   We hadn't scheduled a tee time because we were ou...
Considering the gruesome history, it may seem odd that this post be included in the 100 Happy Days Challenge.   However, I do love learning the history of the places I visit.  And, you have to admit, history isn't always filled with fairy tale endings.  Nevertheless, it serves as an opportunity t...
Last week, a friend and I packed up the car and headed to Walla Walla for some golf and wine tasting. Yesterday I wrote about the treat of seeing Pelicans fishing on our way to our destination. Little did we know our first golf game held a surprise in store too.We booked a tee time at the Walla W...
Last week on my way to Walla Walla, Washington for some golfing and wine tasting we were treated to a pod of pelicans fishing at Horn Rapids, near the Tri-Cities. This picture only shows two of the pelicans, because they were the closest for photo purposes.  There was a large pod in the distance,...
For something different to do, a friend and I decided to take a short road trip to Walla Walla last week.  Our intended activities were wine tasting and golfing. Walla Walla is kind of the wine tasting capital of Washington.  There are over 100 wineries in the area.  I've always been fascinated b...


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