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Education & Training - TEAM Hughes Real Estate School - REI#ZH1003093
Every first and second week of each month TEAM Hughes Real Estate School presents a Two-Week Fast Track Real Estate Class, which is an accelerated version of the Alabama required 60-Hr. Pre License Salesman Class.  This two-week class has been successful; however, it leaves many people scratching...
Once you’ve made the decision to change careers, choosing a real estate school is the next step.  One would think that would be the easy part, but not so in many cases.  Real estate schools are similar to real estate agencies – they all offer the same courses, but the courses are taught different...
Sometimes we’re pretty sure of ourselves, and we think we’ve pretty much arrived in our career and can now rest a little.  I don’t know if that’s always a good idea.  There’s always something nagging at the back of my brain that tells me I’ve got to be about the business of honing my skills.  Do ...
Here is some good news for you! Florida has mutual recognition with 8 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Brokers and Sales Associates may qualify for an equivalent type license in Florida if they meet the following qualifications: Must b...
I hear it all the time.  Fall is when our numbers fall; Fall is the worse time of year for real estate; and my absolute favorite one, Fall is so close to Christmas that nobody wants to spend any money on a house.  So, truthfully, are we entering a slow season? Admittedly, there are markets that t...
I'd love you to meet some of  your fellow REALTORS®.  First off, Laura has been a REALTOR® for about two years.  Her first career is at a local bank and she is a people person.  Through her many contacts from her first career, Laura has been able to make as a high an income in her second career o...
Have you ever met a real estate agent who has nothing good to say about most everyone they meet?  Have you ever met a real estate agent who looks down his nose at people who aren’t making as much money as he?  Have you ever met a real estate agent who willingly helps as many people as possible?  ...
Many real estate agents enter their practice with exuberance and great expectations.  They’ve been promised a rose laden path to success with assurance of a brighter tomorrow.  Unfortunately, many agents are not told the truth up front.  This is a numbers game, and when leadership fails, it’s usu...
What does it take is one of the first questions someone will ask me when it comes to practicing real estate.  The next question I usually get is something to the effect of wondering who will pay his or her salary.  Laymen seldom understand that most real estate agents pretty much pay most of thei...
Just because you’re self-employed now doesn’t mean you can stay home on Monday to recover from a tiring weekend.  Just because you’re self-employed now doesn’t mean you do not have to keep a work schedule.  Just because you’re self-employed now doesn’t mean you will never put in “overtime” again....

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