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Recently, I received a call from someone I had worked with in the past.  She was at a crossroad in her life and had just gone through some pretty trying times.  Although I’m not entirely sure why she called, I got a sense that she was ready to move on.  She had made a huge job change and a move t...
So, we recently needed to find someone who could build a deck for us.  I got four recommendations through Facebook and contacted each one.  Out of the four, only one responded the first day; another one responded the second day; and another one on the third day.  I have yet to hear from the fourt...
The practice of real estate sometimes likens itself to a feast or famine situation.  Frank Sinatra sang it best in his hit, “That’s Life,” where he sang, “You're riding high in April, shot down in May; but I know I'm gonna change that tune when I'm back on top, back on top in June.”   The feast o...
For TEAM Hughes Real Estate School, April was a month of rollercoaster emotions.  We were facing challenges at every turn.  It was our first month in a new Pensacola campus, and anything and everything that could go wrong literally did!  We started out with using a secondary classroom that could ...
I am a morning person and have been a morning person my entire life.  My body naturally wakes up about 5-5:30 each morning, and only through practically strapping me to the bed would I ever be able to stay in it until 7:00!  As the owners of TEAM Hughes Real Estate School, Bob and I recognize tha...
In 1970 I was married to a young sailor, and worked for a law firm in Norfolk, VA.  One of the attorneys encouraged us to buy a house and put us in touch with a REALTOR®.  When I called him, I remember him telling me, “My time is your time.”   He ended up selling us our first home.Back in 1970, I...
Spring, Easter and warmer weather make folks feel good.  For most, it’s a time of renewal.  Whether you are a person of faith or not, leaving winter behind normally makes us feel more alive, ready to pursue the things we’ve put off. As a woman of faith, it’s a time of renewal in my personal life....
My mind keeps taking me back to a 70’s song by the Bachman-Turner Overdrive called, “Taking Care of Business.”  You owe it to yourself to listen to it on You Tube!  The hyperlink will take you to a rendition with the lyrics on the screen, and I can’t get enough of it!  Having been a product of th...
In the practice of real estate, competition runs high.  The number of licensees has risen sharply since recovering from the debacle created a few years back.  Lower interest rates have prompted many people to jump into the arena, and thankfully, many REALTORS® and real estate agents are making a ...
Technology has made the world smaller, and it’s easier to reach out to people.  Sometimes, I feel as though I am blogging my way through life, however.  The practice of real estate has always been a people business, and without meeting people, it’s difficult to become successful.  Owning a real e...

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